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You're hearing the Paul W. Smith Show News Talk 7 60 wjr. Look it. It's about 30 degrees, right? That's not going to get much warmer than that to four. The day and the day will continue to be a news rich environment. In fact, I assume I've said before there were of the whole world was watching us when the things went off Hell was breaking loose at the F the United States Capitol. We are still the standard bearer for capitalism. So the people who like us were appalled. The people who don't like us were probably thrilled. Seeing What was going on. But democracy has prevailed. Marie and in in a moment we will check in with Simon Owen live from London, a Fox News contributor in a W. J. R. Contributor. About the world reaction, but I don't think there were any major surprises in terms of people being appalled at what they were seeing. Maybe you've seen something. I mean, every everybody everybody was appalled, right? And I happen to have a family overseas and a two or three different places overseas, and all of them messaged me saying, you know, we're so sorry to see this. We're just so sorry to see this. Which is another reason Why not that Not that We need to always do things based on how we look or how the world reacts. I just think For the world reaction, But more importantly, for how all of us feel in this country pretty beaten up at this point, we don't need any more of the theatrics that Pelosi and Schumer calling for I think we get through this in a Mostly now quiet and as best as we can peaceful way, and we move on with the transition of power, and you're not going to do that. If, in fact, we continue to follow the idea that they are pushing for impeachment again, or for him to be removed from office, saying he's incompetent or mentally unstable or any of the other stuff. That In fact, they've been saying for a very long time anyway, and we already know the vice president is not going to step up and do what has to be done. And then and then you've got whatever cabinet level people remain. I don't think they're going to vote to do that, because mostly it's just not going to be good for the country. I don't think so. We'll see how they try to spin that today. But that's that's going to be one of the big stories on that is the push that continues by people to say they've got to get rid of the president when he's gonna be gone anyway. I just don't quite understand how it it Makes a lot of sense to do anything otherwise and then, in the coming months, there's the court of public opinion. They will really be the final judges of all this right, right. And in in history with some with some distance with in history that there will be certain things that this president did that were fabulous and some things that were not Um, Unfortunately, there's not a lot of fabulousness ever talked about him in the mainstream stream media. But people are aware and frankly, when the tax situation changes and Ah lot of other stuff that happens that will S o people might have a new appreciation for the things that he accomplished that have been Pretty much glossed over now and and also ruined by you. His said his personality I think I mentioned before that we're talking about. In many cases, personality over performance is what people see they see the personality. They may not see that performance in the performance in some of his areas in his interactions have been so Unfortunate and bad that that's what kind of stands out for people didn't like him in the first place. But I think that the idea of the 25th amendment being invoked is foolhardy at this time. And the idea of trying to go through the impeachment process with days left. Is foolhardy as well. And we don't need the country to go through that. For ourselves on for the rest of the world, and we don't need to waste the money. That's our money. We've wasted so much of it now looking for Russian collusion and the Ukraine phone call and Everything else. He could be good to get back to that money that we send Washington actually going to good purpose is for us. We don't get it all back anyway. But we'd like to get some of it back for things that we need. Here in Michigan. Yes. We still need our roads fixed. We also need our vaccination. Are vaccines distributed? Absolutely right. Exactly. No more excuses. We have The vaccines available. We don't have the vaccinations. Available, all right, and that's it. That's him. Embarrassing, though it may be, it needs to be dealt with, and there's really known There's no time for finger pointing on something like that. Let's just get it done. And, uh, Let's stop the blame game. Let's just get it done. That's what matters, not who we decide or feel or figure or put it off on. Let's just get it done. I e. Kevin 94 year old mother, who Really? I almost said is dying to get the vaccine. No, that bad. Poor choice of words. But she wants the vaccine. I want the vaccine. I'm so over the rest of us. Yeah, we all want the vaccine. Yes, we all want Tonto. And you know it's gonna be a while before you know that we get back, never saying normal, normal, normal, But it's you know, it's gonna be a different normal, but we'd like a little bit more of our lives back. And we just You know, we want our business is to open. We want them to be confidently open in our restaurants. So, yeah, we need those vaccines. You did ask Governor about.

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