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Sixty seconds away from your shock collar question of the day it's broken you will in the morning but first what was your all time favorite toy when you were a kid hello part one maybe was Mister potato head or easy bake oven or my personal favorite my little taser yeah I remember me and my friends running around chasing each other for our I was thinking lite brite but we all have different it was kind of like a light right just a little extra okay no one of the most popular drink it's get the honor of being inducted into the national toy hall of fame and they just released their new list of possible nominees for this year and as always there were some normal ones and a few strange ones some of the normal toys that made the list transformers the magic eight ball hi finally yeah than a crazy hasn't already in there has dispensers grad and uno cards I'll one game it's classic man but there are also a few odd nominees fake food got nominated oh my gosh no but seriously my daughter loves that stuff really apples are planted cake slices and kind of got nominated and now they have fake food that velcro so you can actually cut it in half it's like come then you can cut it's pretty cheap that's pretty cool yeah coming to making a trip to toys R. us later paper airplanes well yeah and sand sand.

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