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$59. Traffic and weather on the 8s to Carlos Ramirez in the WTO traffic center. Thanks, Stephanie. We're going to take a look here at the outer loop of the beltway the ramp that takes you onto northbound two 70, say thank you to Dave dill dine out there for letting us know exactly what's going on. The outer loop of the beltway onto northbound two 70, that ramp has the left side blocked right now for some crash activity. Maryland Department of Transportation says at least one vehicle off of the roadway, so be extra cautious. Remember, you know, we often say when it's wet roads to be careful on ramps, but just in general, be careful on ramps. You are going very, very fast, and then you're turning abruptly. You know, I've got to be careful. Again, the left lane is blocked, so stay to the right hand side of the roadway to get by. You should not see any delays, just be careful again, as you try to get onto the ramp itself. I 95 BW Parkway looking good, 50 looks great from the beltway out towards the bay bridge and you got your standard traffic patterns, no work zones closing the westbound span tonight. You're good as far as that's concerned. Inside the beltway, 50 looks good, and no issues as you make your way onto New York avenue. Looks like it's a little crowded in your bladensburg road, but nothing to write home to mom about. And third street tunnel looks good. Southeast southwest freeway looks great, though the ramp to south capital street looks a bit crowded. I'm not hearing any reports of any crashes just yet. However, I did hear from a listener that the southbound side of the third street tunnel, the ramp that takes you onto three 95 towards Virginia is partially blocked, sounds like some sort of police activity somebody got pulled over there on the left hand side of the roadway. So as you head southbound on the third street tunnel approaching the ramps to take you to three 95 and 6 95, you will likely find one of those troopers out there with another person. So be extra cautious for them. Looking for a safe use car, well if it's

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