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And its drains hand and to the minnesota vikings are now in the 2017 season after up fourteen two nine win in at alannah it's only the fifth eightgame win streak ever for the minnesota vikings so congratulations on that and here's how he got there it was first and foremost first quarter matt brian hitting a thirty eight yards field goal after a 15 play fifty eight yards series took seven twenty four off the clock it's threezero budge in the second quarter if vikings passage thursday welcome home jericho jenin dance for those friends and family members but vikings take taken a six zero late a six three lead jet actually did the dirty bird as well and it says seven three nine police series fifty three yards took five 04 off the clock in the second quarter its matt bryant again thirty six yard field goal that another big series eighthplaced sixty five yards four for fourteen off the clock and it's 726 third quarter after the half it's map bryant once again forty seven yard field goal in its nine seven the first lead or secondly to actually for atlanta and then finally kyle rudolf tatum takes the step fyre cay the rude off with the touchdown reception 13 in minnesota pad all good fourteen nine in the end coward off that sixyard touchdown pass fifteen plays eighty nine yards took 8 15 on o'clock talk about big series right they're fourteen to nine now the minnesota vikings move to ten and to get this minnesota vikings defense when atlanta was on third down they were only one of ten they held atlanta highpowered atlanta falcons two two hundred and 75 total offense of yards 9 points for atlanta think about this threegame threegame win streak leading into today's game they're averaging thirty one point six points.

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