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And one that you can actually restore functioning get back to normal is none other than doctor scott ramp who is my guest in studio today or how good afternoon it is and it is you know that's what happens when the weather gives way to call the brain stops working actually condensing is a could smaller authentic connection there are some so i was hoping that we would have some brilliance in studio said you have brought your son and daughter which it where were thinking about the we're not the way for the next i was a world a cold for what their journeys we're going to be expected after the show so decided not to do it today so treadwell next i'm so will get there but you know like i said we've been a breath of intelligence where kids were talking about hip and knee pain and there's like way too many people essential from december problem and subsequently you know we have a tough time getting up blocking upstairs welcome downstairs morgan around turnover in bed an ear you know today shots as asian said well you know what watch it take he's medications and when you can handle anymore we're going to do surgery her place at what the heck not you know it's it's good to go right right and we don't worry about you know the destruction the mechanics seriously let's let's talk about the incident how prevalent you know we dealing with just under condition you know i'm more mailed in female was a deal well i the pens are what you're lookin and what part of the body looking at nice again theater take a look at it really has to do and since you know we have a strong cutter prepping background allow the lineman issues that we happen with their bodies but you know talk about the number wise you're looking at like three hundred thousand hip replacement per year he look in over six hundred thousand knee replacement spring year and what's interesting is when you look at societies that haven't really good health and i think we talk that we had a previous talk to we're talking about a new guards to the blue zones remember.

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