Carthage, Georgia discussed on Disruption - Disruption 59: Estrogen Overdrive


Do you think that this gap absolutely union okay i got about a lot of things georgia this brie ever shown amount guns that is to sit down and it even questions you okay so do you think it's passed me in any way to drive to your house before your daughter's come home from school and are all your daughter's mahrane i know she'd have my back on and then for you just to park in your little mini van or whatever it's called and then just like an estrogen thunderstorm guns descend on i would do that do you think i wouldn't do that employment see the problem is that that wouldn't wake me up that would probably stop my heart okay well it's not okay would he be perfect show editing but no unfair carried out it's it's that that's real consequences that would you say should that says estrogen overdrive yeah the via estrogen tornado i think would be over tonight estrogen overdrive sounds like the name of a ninety zinni banned that could see the two of you like being like a duo sound like like rock pop lyric over the with angry gets wrap it's like yeah pretty sick i'm just say i know that would end well i note that would happen very well for your family if you armed my middle daughter with with actual weaponry there would be like my town would not be standing after that it would be ill carthage after after the salt of the earth so nothing could grow again.

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