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To take over out. Working on a book about this right now. About this transition. Fair. Yeah. So I was like eighteen, seventeen eighteen and he and Dick was Dick Williams was a wonderful one. For Promoting new talent and trying to preserve the you know the art of animation and so he would pair you up like I got to assist grim nat with the Creator Betty Boop. And this by Fab at A goofy. Jerry Kennedy who was a lot of Yosemite Sam. And it was just a a wonderful. Opportunity to work with this occurred. the BIG SEQUENCE OUR ANA. Reagan was the Taffy pit. which was of taffy masters animated by Emery Hawkins and Emory was an animator at one of brothers and Lance his probably most famous Steph was. Was those a short was checked Yar A. Hillbilly bugs with bugs Oh yeah. Yup. Good to hillbillies and at the square dance. Event that that he he calls up the square you know knowing your world world was world around. Yeah. You're. GonNa have that stuck in my head now. Is your finger in his eye. That time Maury so good. Yeah but you know that was sort of like A. A Gateway Drugs Getting into mainstream animation in on this. Yeah. It was a fun movie and You know. As a as movie itself had a lot of story problems and had a lot of plot problems and stuff, but but on on my level, just working with the animation was just. It was just a joy. And the Nice thing is once.

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