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To the show. Sklar brothers here. We are actually excited to talk sports this week because it feels like some sports has happened over this past week namely the NFL draft will get into that at the top of the show We have an amazing guests on the show with the owner of the Los Angeles Lakers Jeanie Buss Daughter of Dr Jerry. Us and we get into A lot of stuff about the Lakers in interview. We did a few days ago. Abou- He really. She reveals a lot. Jay about you know her a couple of decisions that her father made that she was privy to as a kid in what that was like. And how? That opened up the Lakers organization eighties to all of the city of La and how that really entrenched basically l. a. The Lakers as La team as much as the dodgers fascinating conversation. We'll get to that. And then we have a voicemail later in the show A really fun one that is very relevant to what's going on but like you said. Jay. Let's let's step up at the top and talk about the draft. I watched a lot of it. I watched a lot of day. One day two here. I was the highest rated draft. I think in history right which which is less about the draft more about how much people are starving for new sports content and we said this on another radio. Fifteen point five million viewers just to context. That's unbelievable we said this on another radio show That the draft is all about hope okay and and in this time code. Nineteen in this time of you. Know a lockdown in a lack of sports at a lack hope and a lack of look at the future is going to be so so. This draft is about the future. We were allowed to a lot. We were allowed to fully enjoy the draft for its intended purposes which was to excite you if you're a Cincinnati Bengals van and I you got the guy who you were running for who you thought you were going to get I got. I went back and watched last night. lsu versus Oklahoma in the College Football playoff. What Joe Borough did in that game six touchdowns and ran for one? I mean it was unbelievable but his pocket presence is ability to create when he needed to create his ability to his decision. Making okay decision making is something you can't teach your ability to see the field and make a choice and make a play. Make the athletic. Play that coincides with the right choice that you just made this kid has it all. I think right away in the same way. This is gonNA sound like a bold prediction in the same way than Andrew. Luck came in and made Indianapolis a playoff team. I think that as soon as we can play football again as soon as we have the NFL. Joe Borough Makes Cincinnati Bengals with AJ Green on the outside with other weapons. Joe Borough makes the Cincinnati Bengals a playoff team. Don't forget they have Joe Mixon who is ready to do what he needs to do. If he has to punch out a woman at a bar he'll come on a Taco Bell So but the idea that he has weapons and whatnot. And it's not an organization that is perennially two in fourteen. Like you said you know the reason that interlock was able to step in and make them a contender right away. Is that the whole reason. They got Andrew. Luck was that the year before they lost paid so they lose. Peyton manning and I went one in fifteen next year they get the top pick and they get luck so now the bengals have the top pick and they have a chance to immediately change your organization. This is not a guy who's going to sit behind someone for a long time before the Ravens are going to be great because they figured something out with Lamar Jackson. They had a great draft the Ravens in my opinion again picked so smart allowed the players. They selected but the truth matter. Is You wind up. What was interesting for me is that the data felt like a day one day because there were so many names coming off the board names from Lsu names from guys watch into the NCAA play offs that were just the College Football Playoffs. That were so. These are big time names. Going to teams. Like Xavier mckinney the safety for Alabama the fact that he went on the second day and Midway through the second day. You're like this a first day guy going on the second day so a lot of teams have a lot of reason to feel good the interesting thing of course to me and I know it was you as well was the fact that we're doing this at home. And you know we're cutting to the coaches at at their sequestered in. Their homes quarantined in their homes for all. Did every there were there. Were some funny moments that you just don't see at the funniest I like the girlfriends sitting on the player's lap and then the mom yanking her out throwing her out of the frame it. Basically a foreshadow of what's going to happen to her anyway she didn't even know that Mommy. Mommy whispered inner ear. He's GonNa Cheat on you right exactly. You're done. You're out like she just said you can stay there now but and you'd better enjoy this 'cause he's going to cheat on you later. That's what she gets at a CD. Lamb who was on his phone and then his girlfriend tried to grab other phone in his hand and he grabbed it right back. There was that great moment. There's just a moment of like looking at Bill Belichick's dining room in your Why does he have him leading his letting his dog up on the chair which I was like I would not have pegged him as a guy who let pets go up on the chick house. He'd probably run a tighter ship and like humor like a little snap. Why did he have that Break Front? Do you know what I'm saying? I kept on asking of. This is the way I feel whenever I watch like like. Wh What's on Nancy Pelosi's fridge range from like behind your wives chuck. Why did Chuck Schumer not shut the doors to his hallway? Shot the hallway door alway doors Schumer. Let's just shut the doors if you're going to interview but that's to me was if as anything and the best part in will do this lasting. We'll get into the show Was Mike rebel again? These are not camera people. We're trying to do our podcast. We do our podcast. Our daily podcast. J You and I basically we need. The help of Brandon are wonderful engineer. But we have to do a lot of heavy lifting that we ourselves aren't prepared to do in a lot of you make mistakes. We made mistakes Every other day we make a mistake. A fifteen point six million people. I wish we're watching our podcast. They're not fifteen point. Six MILLION PEOPLE. Watch Mike Gabel and in the corner of my rebels room Off of a mere looking down the hall saw his son taking a shit door open. Who I know it's your house but who crafts with the door open when there are people over that is. That's the lead. That's a level of confidence that I can't remember have robes there. I will never approached that level of confidence but if you freeze the frame you will see Mike. Vrabel who many people said. Tennessee had a good draft. But some people said they kinda you know. They should the draft toilet. You Shit you open the door and let everyone see what you did a little bit. Mike Variables on so just understand your framing. This is a great lesson in life understand. What's in your frame understand what you're projecting out to the world once you do that then You can understand that then and only then will you keep your house in order. You hear that Mike Gravel all right. That's our top segment when we come back after the break the Great Jeanie Buss owner of the Los Angeles Lakers joins us to sit down and talk all things Lakers and the NBA and her father is a great interview stick around. We'll be back with more from the cheap seats right after this.

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