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Jeff Bezos. Mercedes now committing itself going completely carbon neutral by 2039 9 37 What's going on up north on a bearing sea. The Russian Navy conducting major war games near Alaska is involves dozens of ships and aircraft, in fact, the biggest such drills in the area since Soviet times. It's kind of more than 50 warships in about 40 aircraft taking part in the exercise. It's in the Bering Sea and its involved multiple practice missile launches. Now U S. Northern Command spokesman Bill Lewis notes the Russian military exercise Is taking place in international waters well outside the U. S. Territorial Sea. So we're getting closer to the flu season here in Washington, just a regular flu but just like Cove in 19. It's a respiratory virus for this time, and the two illnesses share key symptoms. So if you get sick How do you know which one you're dealing with? Almost no problem. When it comes to covert 19. Doctors say this symptom can cause alarm bells to go off with golden 19. These people reported the inability to smell or to taste. Doctors say it could be difficult to figure out whether this virus is cove it or the flu. They look very, very similar. It's very, very hard to distinguish them on clinical grounds. Both covert 19 and the flu shared these symptoms, which include sneezing, coughing and fatigue, Fevers, the most Flix the sweats, the cough, shortness of breath all look very similar. Doctors say it's common for a person with the flu to develop symptoms between 124 days after getting infected. Covert 19. It's about 5 to 7 days. The thing with flu is most people just feel that the symptoms just hit them immediately. Dr. Seth Cohen is the medical director of infection prevention at you. Doves Medical Center. We will be assuming people have cove it until they rule out or get a negative test. Nick. Papa, Come on in session two. For those of you Must Seattle, you know, have access to the city's new was freak over 19 testing site. It will be a chief Self high school officially opened yesterday. It's an outdoor walk up facility similar to the one that's been set up at Rainier Beach. High School appointments are recommended. In fact, we could help with a link. A coma news dot com But anyone's welcome to show up and get tested. If you forget to make a reservation and again you go to cos dot com. With an update on that the federal detention center and she Tech says it has a cholesterol infections among inmates and staff, The Seattle Times reporting the Federal Bureau of Prisons, saying 31 inmates and six staff members at the facility Testing positive for the Corona virus. President Public health officials say no deaths or hospitalizations have been reported on his times. 9 40 Let's give you the latest sports we have here to come. Oh Sports desk 3 to 2. The final a win for the Angels against the Mariners yesterday like trout Homer, Justin Upton delivering a tiebreaking R B, I single the sixth inning and that help l. A take that victory. Seahawks continue working out of the V. Mac and rent on special teams will play a vital role this season, head coach Pete Carroll saying. Tyler Lockett leads a strong group of punt return candidates are catching part of it is phenomenal. You know, our guys can really catch it and Tyler has been extraordinarily effective and so secure for such a long time that we know we have that and then But David Morris, a good returner, and we're excited to see what what Freddie Swain could do. He had some good activity. In college and some returns and all it's game on for the MBA and the NHL playoffs today, both weeks postpone games players protested over racial injustice for the WN BA the storm will play their first game since a two day protest. They have a game at 11 A.m.. They will face Chicago Sky and Sounders match with L. A galaxy that was to be played Wednesday night. It's set for tomorrow night game time. 7 P.m. in Los Angeles. We give your sports a 10 and 40 minutes past the hour for common news. I'm r. Christopher and now a.

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