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As if the McRib couldn't get any better. Bacon and ranch just entered the chat. The bacon ranch mc crispy, available at participating McDonald's for a limited time. But yeah, listening to away with words, the show about language and how we use it. I'm grant Barrett. In a Martha Barnett, I was charmed this week to learn that there is a German word for the electronic dashboard display on your car. You know, all those little flashing lights and different colors. It's moise Aquino. And moise Aquino translates as mouse cinema. You can just imagine the little furry guy sitting up there watching the show. There goes this pedometer. That's really good. How do you spell that moise Aquino? You moise a keynote. I just thought that was charming. And actually there's a Hungarian word ager mosey, which also means mouse cinema and people are using it to describe any device that has an electronic display like your mobile phone. So you can take your little mouse cinema and curl up with it and watch a movie. Right, yeah, you're in bed, cut the blankets and grub a mode. Curled up blankets wrapped around you, warm, and cozy with your mask cinema going. That's nice. I love it. Well, this show is about words and

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