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A record high of more than eleven percent and wheel, and says it's time to increase benefits for snap the program formerly known as food stamps by fifteen percent, as was done during the most recent recession, which saw some forty thousand Colorado children fall into poverty. Colorado could also see a half. Million New People Enroll in Medicaid this year because of the loss of employer-based coverage. I'm Eric Gladys. And this story may have got lost in the sauce, but t mobile merge with sprint a few months ago. It's already begging off some of its promises, and that raises alarms with workers advocates. When the California Public Utilities, Commission approved the merger in mid April t mobile promised to create a thousand jobs in California, and roll out a five G. Network in four years. Now it's laying people off and says the five G. Network will take at least two years longer. Longer blaming covid nineteen Frank Arce with the communications workers of America says the company's Pre merger pitch was untrue. Just was to me very much a bait and switch you. Let us merge. We're going to bring so many jobs to California especially in those neighborhoods where it's really needed the union, which does not represent T. mobile sprint workers opposed the merger at the CPU hearing in twenty eighteen and predicted the merger would result in a loss of thirty thousand jobs nationwide. I'm Suzanne Potter. Company, said the COVID nineteen crisis makes the imposition of a mandate to create additional jobs in feasible and unwarranted. The CPU see will consider the proposal expected to issue a ruling sometime later this year. This is.

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