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Possible So brigida told me her family's keeping their bags packed so they can flee quickly if the Russian army does break through NPR's Brian man in Odessa thank you Thank you Before 2020 ever every modern presidential candidate who lost eventually conceded Just moments ago I spoke with George W. Bush and congratulated him on becoming the 43rd president of the United States I have just called president Obama to congratulate him on his victory Last night I congratulated Donald Trump and offered to work with him on behalf of our country But it's been a year and a half since voting ended and Donald Trump still hasn't done the same The question now is whether other candidates will follow suit in 2022 and 2024 NPR's miles parks covers voting and joins us now Hey miles Hey Elsa Okay so how do you think Trump's refusal to concede could change the norms in future elections So looking ahead at the midterms it's turned this thing a candidate admitting they lost from something that was basically a given into a very real question mark It's important to remember here that concession is not written into law anywhere It's not required I talked about that with amel Ahmed who's a political science professor at the university of Massachusetts Amherst She said the U.S. has taken concession for granted because the country is also taken the idea of a peaceful transfer of power for granted and a concession is a big part of that Any of us study democracy it is that moment where you just hold your breath and it's this tremendous leap of faith where a loser says okay I am willing to be governed by the opposition because the alternative is worse If concessions happen less frequently she said she's worried about more political violence similar to January 6th Well have we seen this tension around concessions play out in elections we've had since Trump lost in 2020 We have Just looking back at the New Jersey governor's race last year it's a good example The vote there was pretty close and the Republican candidate Jack chiarelli waited more than a week to concede while votes were still being counted Now chiarelli was not alleging fraud or anything but his campaign attorney Mark Sheridan told me he had to work really really hard to make that clear because the atmosphere around concessions is just so unbelievably polarized right now I had no interest in becoming Rudy Giuliani standing in front of a mulch pile making crazy statements about election fraud He's referring there to Trump's campaign attorney Rudy Giuliani making baseless election claims as some people might remember in front of a landscaping company But the candidate Sheridan was representing did end up conceding but in 2022 a lot of candidates are actually running on Trump's election lies And so election officials are really worried that means those same candidates might be similarly willing to not admit they lose after they potentially probably some of them will lose in the 2022 election I talked about that with Matt Masterson who worked on election security efforts at the Department of Homeland Security through the 2020 election I think we have to assume that in some cases hopefully not many cases but the incentive structure suggests perhaps more and more cases The loser of the election will not accept will not concede So what can officials who oversee voting do to prepare for that It's tough because the behavior of candidates is one of the few things that election officials can't really game plan out right But at this point they basically have to prep information get voters prepared to fight against this disinformation The last two years has been prepared local election officials preparing as if they're going into an information battle in 2022 and 2024 and this fall will be the first real test That is Ampere's miles parks Thank you miles Thank you Passover begins at sunset tonight and at countless satyrs Jews will tell the story of the exodus of a people leaving behind everything they knew and wandering in search of a promised land For Jews who fled the war in Ukraine it's a story they are right in the middle of Deena pritchett reports The decision to leave home is not an easy one Olenna Helena was in harkey when the war started Russian plains dropped bombs right outside This song is something I can not find the word because it's like super low and super noisy and you're house is just trembling In the Passover story the Hebrew people leave Egypt with almost no notice The unleavened matzo symbolizes the fact that bread didn't even have time to rise Culina found out about a bus out of town two days before it left But still home is your Friends home is your family home is your job but everything that you can take with you is just the backpackers suitcase And you should pull it all your home in it So it's impossible and you are living everything that is just valuable for you Halena is traveling from her temporary home in Prague to spend Passover with Ukrainian Friends who've landed in Berlin And to remind her of home she keeps singing an old Ukrainian song about love and springtime and things blooming again Lost.

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