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It was an interesting deal in that. I think the two sides clearly valued him in very different ways. You look at the way that the Mavericks paid like some some average paid a price thinking that Kristaps Porzingis was the top ten or fifteen player in the NBA and his peak and the Knicks traded him. I think it's safe to say thinking he wasn't a guy. So he was a max guy that would have just kept them. And then used him to pursue for ages this summer as chip right? So no, the fact that they clear fifty million a cap room. The fact that they got two first round picks. They got Dennis Smith awful lot for a guy in in Kristaps situation. And what for Dallas it could be removed that works out brilliantly. Right. If you if you becomes a ten time all star new pair him with. You know, with Luca Danni in Dallas that could be the, you know, the foundation of dynastic type run there where you, you know, maybe what Durkan and Nash worth twenty years ago. Right. That that's really what they're betting on. But you know, again, you're you're betting on a guy porzingas is had a bunch of injuries. Who is coming off a tornado Seattle that you're gonna need to be really good because you took this money. You gave up these picks they gave up a pick for Luca. You know, they've really gone all in with those guys. And to me, it's a really big on them being you don't elite match levels who star players. And now they have to do it. Couple quick ones year with you. Tim Tobias Harris goes to the Sixers. I still think that there are shooter away from potentially being the favourite in the east. But what did you make of the deal for the Sixers? I mean again, that's kind of a similar move, right? Where they bet on the present and the clippers bet on the future. You know, Tobias Harris is a perfect fit. I think you can argue that the Sixers have the best starting lineup in the league not including Golden State. I think you could make an argument Golden State given it to Marcus cousins is not the same player nearly that he was before. For his achilles. Tear and even during my green is tipped a little bit. I mean, those are five guys, you know, Ben Simmons JJ Radic Jimmy Butler Tobias in Joel Embiid. They fit really well together you could play them in different combinations. Together gives them a lot of options. That said, you're right. Their bench is not good enough. You know, getting James Ennis today getting Jonathan Simmons trademark full today for Ghana Fitzsimmons in a first round pick. I just don't think their bench is good enough. I thought they'd be really in the running for Wesley Matthews him going to Indiana where he's going to start. I think is a blow to them. Philly's own Wayne Ellington, a guy Laker fans with is gonna get way by the sons, if he hasn't already I think to your point it really need a shooter. They frankly could use Landry Shamet who they had to give up and the hair straight, which I thought was a pretty big price then to give up along with the two Trump picks, they moved. But look they're going to be active trying to add guys through that mix. 'cause I'm with you. I think they need at least one bench player if not a couple if they really wanna contend at the top of what looks like a murderer's row without these. Because so Marcus oil goes to the Toronto Raptors for. Valentinus Dylan, right and C J miles in a second round pick in twenty twenty four your thoughts on that one. The big move for the raptors. I mean, look they're trying to Steve Leonard. They're trying to go all in you, look at the box getting equal marriage that you might talk about a minute. You you look at what the Sixers did they needed to do something. And look Marcus hall has not been quite the same player..

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