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Yet if i want to touch on a couple of things you mentioned but i also wanted to throw out the scene the other example of a scene where i knew he had me completely he got me to pull rosemary's baby i always remember plant ski talking about a senior maybe with someone else associated with the film talking about a scene where he sort of has ruth gordon go behind a door and i think she's talking on the phone and the door just stays open just a little just a little this so mia farrow and us seeing her point of view can just kinda see in but we wanna see what records up to an this person recounting story talked about the whole audience kinda craning their necks around the dr michael i'm not kidding that happened to me at a moment in this film in it revolves around that bright red door which where hope premises of father's joel edwards and character singing whatever you do do not goal behind the store exactly solving set up his is hilarious leow you yet i am unique about texas chainsaw massacre area indoor happy which is very simple can't be at all but then when that door is open in you hear some bad things going on on the other side trade doesn't let us see at i did physically shift in my seat and try to look around i'm not that bright michael apparently but that's how successful this movie was from visual standpoint and you talked about the use of widescreen how about the use of aspect ratios which is something he did as well indonesia more blatantly touched on this in my interview with him that he wanted to make it more subtle it really is more subtle here because i think you have to go back after seeing one widescreen shot that i'll just say happens very late in the film at a moment when things are at their most chaotic and i think fair to say they're worse to him that's when i really noticed an when it kicked in that oh actually he has used that aspect ratio a couple other times i think it if forces you may be one a rethink the film a little bit in terms of how we employees that strategy at certain points and what that widescreen does in that moment i'll say is.

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