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Galveston. It's 77 degrees and Sunny in Houston. 85 Ktrh Top Tax Defenders 24 Hour Weather Center. Times Now. 501 our top story. The Greater Houston partnership is losing the mayor's annual state of the city address over what local Democrats call it Silence on new voter laws being debated in Austin. Here's Mayor Sylvester Turner. I've seen letters even from the grave, just a partnership describing these bills as partisan. There is nothing partisan in voter suppression. So let me let me just be very to speak specifically to that when their bills that engage in voter suppression, voting intimidation restricted access To the polling place That's not partisan. That's just downright wrong. Here is. County Judge Lena Hidalgo also criticized the economic development group and urged Texans to pressure business leaders who support the proposed election changes. Liberty County sheriff's deputies say a tip led them to a $500,000 worth of meth inside a home. Houston police and Texas State troopers were also on the scene to help secure the area. No arrests were made. Pro life advocates are praising a vote by the Texas House of Representatives today as they passed the Texas Heartbeat Act. The bill abolishes elective abortions as early as six weeks when the unborn child's heartbeat is detectable by the most common methods. That Texas Heartbeat Act will receive a final procedural vote tomorrow and then returned to the Texas Senate for approval with amendments. Texas senators debating the constitutional carry bill, which would eliminate the need for a license to carry a to carry permit. Opponents believe it will put more guns in the hands of criminals. But Senator Charles Shorter argues that brings Texas gun laws more in line with the Second Amendment. Felons going to get a gun and they want a gun, unfortunately, But what the greater good of the bill is is the ability of a law abiding citizen to be able to feel safe and to carry when they think it's an appropriate measure for themselves. It's unclear whether the measure has the votes needed to pass. Governor. Abbott has said he'll sign it if it makes it to it's news desk. Meteorites this time 503 on Wall Street, The Dow Jones industrial average top to record high close on strong earnings numbers Now with a closer look at today's numbers at the closing bell. Here's ktrh Money, Man Patch in Brought to you by D'Amato, lucy dot com Good evening. Why It's stocks closing today. Mixed the Dow industrials finishing today up by 97 points. Closing a 34,000 to 30 S and P 500 up three points for no real change the NASDAQ in the Red Again today down 51 points, one third of 1% oil down just six cents $65.63 a barrel gold up by $8.30 announce $1784. Finally, after the close, Houston based Apache posting profits Above. Analyst estimates. Apache shares modestly higher in after hours trading with the check of your money from the Office of Heritage Asset Advisors. I'm Pat Shit.

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