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To send people into the trump orbit to probe them from information on russia contacts and it never they came clean every time there was nothing to leak now i want to get to in a minute the evolution of this case from what was a human spying effort to a signal spying effort and you'll see what i mean by why they didn't leak anything it was a panic mode at the end joe you can hear in the reports by chuck ross and others about how her the human source who was trying to intersect on behalf of the fbi with the trump team to probe them for information you can see in his emails and the and the the testimony provided by popadopoulos and increased sense of panic as the campaign comes around in november by september these increased attempts to intersect the trump and get information or fruitless they're not leaking because there's nothing there he's panicking sending these emails apparently popadopoulos says at one point he seems almost angry by september like george you know about those russian emails right please tell me i have to tell the fbi something there's nothing to leak they tried everything i have here note hack it to two hops i'm going to get to that in a second don't go anywhere for that gonna talk about how this thing you've all from initial hey let's probe them for russian connections that don't exist to try to entrap them to a sense of sheer desperation as the polling internal polling probably showed the clinton team was in a lot of trouble and they were like holy moses we'd better get them on some russia's stuff soon.

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