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So he really just he's like an an a well esteemed expert in this and he is like, okay well, it was her boyfriend who by the way has never been mentioned ever in this storyline can't braid a braid someone's hair drive his life by the way, and then he was like Oh Mary Ellen. Also, she is a four year old never mind she was possessed or maybe she was sleepwalking also like the opposite of being because. I. Think it was his way of cushioning the blow of being like. Okay fine I'm going to stick with Mike quote that it was you. So I look stupid but I'll take the responsibility off your shoulders because if you were sleepwalking possess, you didn't mean to. Yeah but I just by accident. Sure? Sure. Sure. So some actually believe that like another common theories at the neighbors were setting the fires. There's all committing random acts of arson for no reason. But also number that blessedly the fires like. Normal fires also, I feel like if you set enough, if you sit thirty eight fires, someone's house like the houses Gonzo also, if my neighbor knows how to set a wet towel on fire, that's a bar trek of. Do it again. Don't tell me do. Talk. Talk Yeah unless it was like gasoline, right but. Anyway. Where was I? I don't know I. Don't know anymore. So one of the original legends that are not one of the original legends. One of the legends now to kind of set up the story is that apparently there was a guy who came to the farmhouse forever ago and he needed somewhere to stay for the night and when MacDonald sold him no, he like cursed their daughter and ran off into the night and they think, okay well, the legend now based on what Dr Princess Said Is. Oh, she was cursed whole time, and that's why she starts sleepwalking and being possessed in setting these fires inbreeding the hair, her horse's head, and just like also like practicing her breaks I mean when you don't have a sister or another friend out there with long hair, you gotta try on the Horse you gotta give it a low Bob. Especially when there's nothing else to do I be braiding I know every inch of that horses here. Funds aboard. So. Herald said just another way to kind of not discredit Dr Prints, but just to give you another perspective on. His. His Strategy Investigation Herald said, the doctor Prince acted really weird during the investigation He was already known to be super arrogant. He was arrogant with Mary Ellen saying that she was stupid and Basically, he just started acting really weird. Apparently the whole first night that they were there. He didn't even investigate it all. He just made himself like comfortable in someone else's house and demanding all this privacy and like didn't want anyone near Ham it's like counters like moved in. And then.

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