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You gotta get that plot. Somehow yeah you know i who who the silver age a lot but it's got its charms and it does and it's also really nice to see how things things have evolved from. There like one of the things i noticed about the comic strip itself was it did have a silver age feel a little bit more because it was so head to be so plot driven. Am i totally off base or is that no i well. I think part of it. I think there's that and there's also just that it's written by stan. Lee who is the writer that basically defined at least on the mobile side silver age and it's got that feel yeah absolutely absolutely and the hero joss devry at that oh yeah well hero shots are timeless as long as there is breakfast cereal. There will be hero jaws so the hobgoblins attacks the conference out of nowhere. We don't need explanations. He just shows up and starts pumpkin bombing the shit out of everything. That's how he is though i mean have you met hoglund oakland recently not recently no. I think they're dangerous. Protected goblins list but so hobgoblins if people aren't familiar most people familiar with the green green goblin he was in the sam spiderman movies played by that awesome actor whose name i can't remember right now so the hob goblin is like if you took the green goblin then added more halloween more halloween i feel like years appointee or knows and like is a little bit more like totally is and spoiler oiler for when we talk about the animated series episode that covered this or episodes i should say mark hamill voices him and he basically just sounds like the joker which is super reasonable at my opinion. I completely -pletely agree. I listen to mark hamill. Do basically whatever this is actually the third green goblin. It doesn't really come up in the newspaper strip but for the sake of completion this is jason mason dale mcintosh who used to be a villain named jack lantern who is even halloween easier and it so spiderman changes into costume in this chaos and hopes beasts save civilians but then how steals the d._n._a. notes which apparently contain the entirety of the research about dna that they're doing right now for a brand corporation and he just get adults. I just love it the referred to as d._n._a. Notes i mean what else would you call them. You know just be descriptive. Wipe wipe all those fancy acronyms on there. Why is that science speeches. Be down to earth scientists. You could just sit down and have a beer with i think that is actually we lead and as a beer and like some general anti mutant sentiments exactly beer and bigotry to taste the system so the hobgoblins does manage to get away because spider n._b._a. Star distracted like preventing people from getting crushed by rubble but not before spiderman puts spider tracer on the hobgoblins glider. It's sort of like i mean i do. Most people are familiar with green goblin or hobgoblins at least when the spiderman movies but it's kind of like he's writing on this sir bent dumpster. Lid is somehow looks very evil. I don't know how else you would describe it. I always think of it is kind of like a vaguely spacey sort of device like if you took something from <hes> the the star trek universe but like the first star trek and you put it into comic book. It's kind of got that feel yeah. It's charming looks really fun to ride around on is jealous of the green goblin goblin. Is that your favorite mode of transport in superhero world. Oh oh man. I'm a sucker for jet packs. I gotta say and it always bothers me that they're not used in more characters. Day-to-day lives like as you're going through new york city seen like jetpack technology exists. Why aren't they communist. Those damn scooters that are everywhere these days gosh that is a million jillion dollar idea mouth. Oh man probably <hes> the million jillion dollars would have to go to law suits for injury yeah so because this is the marvel universe and specifically because it's a comic strip where we need to go deeply into motivation spiderman and beast chase after after hobgoblins everyone immediately assumes that therefore they're all in cahoots and i really enjoy the dialogue <hes> from the bystanders.

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