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Four forty five of the seventy one yards Vic V seven rushing fourteen passing the fourteen one way to Nagel rafts to running a Olga. Anderson and bowser putting a twenty three yard for the Wildcats are within five at fifteen to ten with five thirteen to go in the third quarter. Gee, I give that touchdown drive to the office. And Ryan and everything was asked for them. They showed some grit right there. That's that's good stuff. There. Lucky ball booted that field goal. Kick off. Now check. Oh, the deep man. Hey up around the ten and he will signal fair catch and makes it at the eight. Rectors will take it at the twenty five yard line. Five thirteen to go in the third. Dave. I that's where that fair catch on kickoffs. As really good because he would he was up at twelve yard line e fair catches it. He gets the extra twelve yards and gets it out to the twenty five yard. So that is where I really liked that. Can talk about safety as well. Right. Black sheer. Who was out the first half because he was coming back after a death in his family that he's out there now, and it'll be Sikorsky throwing here on first down for the twenty-five off the hands of melted covered by heart. Just the thirty five yard line. And Dave let's see if there's any pressure put on this freshman quarterback of Rutgers all of a sudden you see northwestern BP back a little bit. He's watched video. He has seen the cats. Come back last couple of games. Now. Can't he keep his composure second down and ten five away to go here in the third quarter? Ball at the twenty five yard line Rutgers territory. Now, we get. Timeout signal by the official. Quit conference at a penalty Barker. I think I. Illegal substitution. Yup. On the offense. Five yard. Rutgers player hustling off the field. Just as they came up to the line. I saw that as well. And that is indeed withdrew the penalty. And it's going to be second down and fifteen at the twenty. Up to the raiders Jones. Titan griffin. Stewart starts in motion picture would be good here. Wouldn't it? Instead, they'll give to Snead Snead dancing up the middle. He's going to be stopped right at the twenty yard loss. On the play. It's third down and fifteen best with the cats are hoping for right here. You talked about JR pace who had two picks last week one to pose it off and overtime. And that's exactly what this is hoping for for maybe the freshman throwing up here and third and third up. Fifteen fifteen from the twenty yard line on the day. Rutgers on third down two of ten third and fifteen from their own twenty. Cousy and the gun black sheer to his left snap to sit. Caskey back to the ten buyers it over the middle patted down at the lightest scrimmage income plate. Wasn't even close to getting through that barrier, reflecting Linus. It was knocked out the line and it is fourth down yet. The cancel find themselves again. With a good opportunity though with a good run back that could be on a short field here. In writing these looking into that south sun though, so poor SaK onto pot. Averaged forty eight point four on five punched in the first half, including a seventy nine yard. And he gets the kick away this one not as hits at the thirty. And it will be down by Rutgers right around the twenty nine yard line. Ronnie Abdulaziz downfield on special teams for Rutgers cats takeover gal by five fifteen to ten four seventeen to go third border. This is north western football. And we'll keep it right here. Reminder, the coach pitch Chicago's big ten team host Wisconsin next Saturday. The big ten west division showdown. Kickoff at eleven AM limited tickets remained by now. Ed, you sports dot com. Defense. With better field position than they had to begin their last drive. Starting this time from the twenty nine yard law. Wintrust side report from Adam Hoge. Ted. You our thinking the same thing there on that defensive series. It just feels like a takeaway we talked about the pre-game are key to the game right now. The cats are losing the turnover margin. The worst statistically team in the entire country. Are they turn the ball over a lot? Rutgers. Does feels like cats are gonna win this game. Eventually they got to come up with the takeaway. I think also too. You could see how their special teams particularly on punt and punt coverage how well they do. How discipline the out how they changed. The field position is so many times in this game with their great coverage and putting and by the way, I was thinking that too. I just didn't say it. But just because I didn't say it does mean I wasn't thinking. I know sometimes that happens to me too. You talked before I wanna talk, and then you get the credit, but we share it twenty five years together. This I've known you for forty. This is the fourth time that Rutgers and northwestern had played the Wildcats have never beaten the scarlet knights. Rutgers has played every other big ten teams since joining the conference in two thousand fourteen. This is the last one for them. I haven't played since nineteen Ninety-one where they played here. And the scarlet knights wanted twenty two eighteen. They've only met once in Evanston that was in nineteen eighty nine. Rutgers won that game thirty eight twenty seven cats would like to record their first ever win over the scarlet knights here. But they're down by five with four seventeen to go in the third day. We known each other for forty years like, my husband and wife. I know exactly what you're going to order. We go out before the game on the night before I knew exactly. Hey, dude, salmon, you like broccoli with no salt. Ii I down for the Wildcats for their own twenty nine yard line. Okay. Other Roddick back trips left. To the right side bulb in the short shot of the field. Now Cambrian motions that way starts back to the left. I doubt Ileana oca- running left. Looks for a seaman guides across the thirty to the thirty one very patient runner. Hot. I'll go down by blue boar after a short gate of two second in eight coming up. He's he's to he's under size. Of course, her six feet tall. So bataille that offense. Yvonne, you're gonna find them. If you're a front seven guy Jefferson left trips to the right, low snap Thorson has it throws incomplete off the hands of the intended receiver Jefferson of the thirty six yard line, cover tight Avery Yang. Suddenly, it's third Nate's. Yes. Suddenly, you're not good on. I really long situation. Here percentages are against you. They need a spectacular play here the movie chains and keep it going. The Wildcats four of ten on third down third out at eight thirty one yard line. Trail fifteen ten three fifty to go third quarter. Naval motions. The right to the left the snap the Clayton Thorson under pressure man runs into one of his Lyman. Denny's. Denny's took a slide Annie's hit by. Kassi came came in and hit him after he took the slide. Avoided the rush. There was one man that was basically was running around the backfield was unblocked. And then he spun out of that in the yes, there was a pile on after we took the slide. And that was the slight in the pocket in the backfield. Right. After the play was over personal foul. Three. That's just a case as a defensive lineman or defensive player when you see the quarterback starting to slide and you're going in that direction. Just go over the top of them. You don't he's going down. Just over the top. Just like we have their personal hit the quarterback. You could see that. He's not gonna now another flag has grown front right in front of the records batch. Another flag came out. I wonder if this is going to be unsportsmanlike. He's gonna be on the bench. Yeah. That's what I'm saying. We're comes to call after it was over unsportsmanlike conduct. Crispy coach. That's thirty yards in penalties right here. Rutgers head coach his first unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. The ballgame puts the ball down of the records. Forty four cats are down by five. Move here. Thousand running back instead gift Jefferson running left daughter reverse tries to get outside and can't lose yards. They played that beautifully. Saquon Hampton, the safety was watching that all the way took down Jefferson for a loss of the play three yards. It'll be second in thirteen just side midfield. Whether they're trying to set up that sweet with fakes in the previous first half of that time. They were ready for did get they were not contained on that. Good. Tackle there. Second logs for the Wildcats. Platon to throw it here. Right. We looking down the middle for Nagel too far incomplete. He was opened under pressure Belgrade the levels. Put some pressure there. David Hayes of the coverage of bagel at it breaks up. Third out the Wildcats fourteen yards to go Jostein side record territory captured down fifteen timeout furniture player. Rutgers. Player shaking up. That's warton. Veteran corner who's down around the fifteen yard line. And that's really good for the cats because I think they're struggling here on this particular Senate downs. Lou more the defensive right and has been in the back door now twice in one time on block and ran by Clayton Thorson that time he hit him just as he threw away. So with all the enthusiasm going in the Rutgers direction now with this player down the cats. Get a chance to get on the field with all their coaches in their offense of players and get get their wits about him. Weren't not, but limping a little bit as he makes his way all the way across the field that the numbers. Ear side to the far sideline. And that's the loudest. We've heard this proud today there. Well, I think it was asked was calling for noise after he drew the unsportsmanlike drying into to back to back. Fifty. Got this place. Ruckus about fourteen get Deronic. This game with an injury stand in the second quarter. He'd be a guy you might look for this situation. Third fourteen forty nine. Hasler to the left trips to the right? Gala lease Nagel, emotions left. Current law. The Wildcats fourteen for the rackaroos forty nine. There's the snap. Have course, it steps up. Fires it out to the forty five to the forty and HANA oca- the reception out of bounds. Inside the Rutgers forty it's going to beat down Jarrett. Paul took him out. It's down for the Wildcats. And they're going to go forward here on fourth down. Nice job a slightly the protection, do they left side of the formation of NATO Dudack. They bring extra man they don't pick up the necessary yards. Their past forty percent of all the air down converted a fourth of tens late last week fourth and about three. There's the snap at Thorson with time. His pass down the line in trying to get it over the short. God. He'll and Lou more at that got a hand on it. Until the ball goes over doubt. There's a penalty marker down. There's a flag down. Near the numbers on the far side. Sideline morning. Rutgers refers to the game..

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