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Didn't stop one race from happening the black and missing foundation organized a 5 K run and national harbor yesterday the group's goal is to help locate missing people of color Montgomery county police chief Marcus Jones was there he sells NBC four One of the cases that we had last year involved in missing infant child was very crucial because this organization helped to put the word out In 14 years the group says it has helped reunite 400 missing persons with their loved ones It says cases of missing black people remain unresolved four times longer than the white people The city of buffalo observed a long period of silence yesterday afternoon to mark one week since the mass shooting that left ten people dead Here's buffalo mayor Byron This hateful act in Buffalo to reaffirm our deep commitment to the simple notion of respect and love for all humanity The 123 seconds of silence represented the span of time between the gunman's first and last shots It's two 25 a WTO time for money news at 25 and 55 here is Larry coffin This is a Bloomberg money minute It started online selling sleek low priced razors a decade later Harry's gets more than half of its sales from physical retail Bloomberg reporter daniella sirtori cortina says Harry's is looking to meet consumers where they are They aren't necessarily want to push consumers into one particular channel It is about having your products whatever people are actually going to buy them Many direct to consumer companies are following a similar path Brands like warby Parker Brooklyn and the honest company although they're not abandoning ecommerce Interest has waned because for some companies it has been difficult to maintain growth and turn a profit And the two channels can coexist They kind of see the complimentary sometimes you are at a Target Store You see Harry on the shelf but you might go back to the website and order it from there Or vice versa Harry's cofounder Andy Katz Mayfield says there's still a lot of unmet consumer need The company is looking to launch a direct to consumer brand need to offer something unique From the Bloomberg newsroom I'm Larry kofsky on WTO P Coming up after trafficking weather the first release shipment of baby formula for the U.S. arrives in Indiana two 26 Introducing the new loaded scratchers from D.C. lottery These scratchers are loaded with cash prizes of 50 100 500.

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