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He doesn't have to carry the steelers defense they've got they've got enough guys enough star players that can do that so i actually do think again i certainly respect will lewis as saying because he's watched a lot more joe hate entat than i have but i i think this will end up being a pretty good one year commitment for the steelers and you know will you know you look at the contract and how it looks in the second and third year of that deal but i think because he's joining such a stable environment and such a model franchise this will work out okay for them and they had a big need obviously at the corner back position as further brownsville only get back to the browns for a moment here it's it's amazing you wouldn't know how teams completely get derailed is franchises and this has been going on for the brunt with the browns forever seemingly but here's here's the note that my good friend pat mcmanaman who covers the browns for espn's nfl nation he wrote the new store because also cleveland in just release joe hayden they traded offensive and cam irving a former first round pick to the kansas city chiefs rate two thousand eighteen fifth round pick now cleveland is again rebuilding they might have their quarterback of the future into sean kaiser they've got 13 picks right now in next april's draft but look at this note that pat mcmanaman puts in there you wanna know how that why the browns are so messed up.

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