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Scott goldberg president trump says now he wants lawyers to find out if they can delay the u._s. census me tweeted that after the supreme court ruled five to four that the white house cannot include a question about citizenship in next year's census a._b._c.'s terry moran reports from the supreme court the twenty twenty cents cannot go forward at this time with a citizenship question on it remember the trump administration wanted to ask every person in america are you a citizen of the united states census bureau experts said that will distort the count a lot of people won't want to answer that question the trump administration said they needed to ask the question in order to improve enforcement of the voting rights act while in this opinion chief justice john roberts joining the four liberals on the court says that's a contrived explanation the issue now goes back to lower courts the twenty twenty cents is forms or supposed to start printing next week in another five to four vote the justices ruled that federal courts can not interfere with congressional maps drawn up by the ruling party in any given state that upholds partisan gerrymandering house speaker nancy pelosi is urging democrats to pass the senate border bill without revisions voting just started on the measure that gives the white house more discretion than the version that passed the house house speaker nancy pelosi declaring quote the children come first in a letter she wrote this afternoon to her house colleagues urging them to pass the senate approved border aid package as it is pelosi goes on to say quote in order to get resources to the children fast as we will reluctantly pass the senate bill the house speaker ads democrats will do so with a battlecry as to how they will proceed in protecting migrant children monaco ceram de a._b._c. news capitol hill senator bernie bernie sanders is in florida for tonight's democratic presidential debate like others you went to a detention facility for migrants.

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