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On this Dr Just over. A minute, remaining in the third quarter here's, Williams the quarterback keeper right side forty five forty And accelerate down to the thirty five yard line for the first down Amari Drake made the tackle Renault eventually that he, was gonna, make a plate with his legs, right there Emmett for some reason because they've taken taken take it away his ability to throw the ball down the field right now this is late. In the photos pick screen and right that maybe that right there were open up something. In the past where you can pick a shot downfield less than a minute to go the snap back in this third quarter goes to Williams and Louis Williams hands off Cameron Jackson Jackson picks his way to. The thirty five yard line gain of one second down and nine clock ticking with forty seconds to go in the third quarter Norcross with a twenty eight twenty lead over maze blue devils trying to answer the raiders score Lance Jackson on the left tip of his quarterback Williams Jackson stays in to block. Here's Williams to throw it's a delayed middle screen it goes to Jackson and Jackson at the thirty five yard line wrapped up and dropped no gain Sturt down nine it was Durant Jones that made the stop. Nice job my zone making that stop because If the if the guy gets up onto him in it's going to be out. The gate right there so great job by him aboard in the, garden making the tackle Was there a penalty flag thrown all that's the. End of the third quarter there we go third quarter has come to a close Norcross Twenty-eight maze twenty we. Go to the fourth, and final, quarter inside Mercedes. Benz.

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