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Starts with chastity's dream to make dresses And grows into a career as a famed fashion designer They all learned how On YouTube Hope you're doing okay this afternoon It's three 28 Traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks and we have Dave Dillon in the traffic center In Maryland from the two 70 spur toward Northern Virginia on the outer loop on the American legion bridge had one broken down along the right side in Virginia on 66 couple of broken down But the westbound car that stalled on the left lane beyond nutley street was towed They're still working on the truck eastbound between one 23 and nutley street still blocking the right lane eastbound Three 95 all week long police week expecting the opportunity for brief holds for official movement escorts of law enforcement family thereof Today to and from the law enforcement memorial downtown on again police week Three 95 traffic will be heavy and the usual spots in Virginia northbound a little slow at the moment moving north of duke street could be an escort It could be a minor crash can't see it Definitely heavy on the southwest freeway as well It's long As well as D.C. two 95 Back in Maryland on 95 the ramp to the inner loop the crash cleared Baltimore Washington Parkway northbound under 32 one on the right shoulder 50 eastbound sluggish over the severn river that's a ramp delay to go north on route two so something that's going on in Richie highway and Arnold just north of 50 But you're wide open on 50 If you're crossing the bay bridge and heading to the eastern shore Metro wants you to ride confident with precautions like improved air filtration on buses and railcars Ride easily knowing metro is taking proactive measures to welcome back riders Dave dillin WTO traffic Onto storm team four and Mike's dinner Not much of any sunshine for the next several days we're going to see a good deal of cloud cover this afternoon A few sprinkles of rain are possible Our highs upper 60s to lower 70s There'll be some live showers continuing overnight Our lows upper 50s to the lower 60s Off and on rain showers on Friday and during the afternoon there'll be a risk of a thunderstorm and a high end low to mid 70s Saturday more of the same chance our morning shower some afternoon thunderstorms highest low to mid 70s Muggy on Sunday warm risk of an Afghanistan highs in the low 80s I'm storm team for a meteorologist thanks Jennifer We have exceeded our.

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