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Kind of thing few liked that kind of thing i don't understand you but she wants to be smarter kelly ripa oh oh i don't know that she does wanna be a smarter kelly rip i think he just she just wants to be kelly reply all but were ellen degeneres oprah what nbc execs are upset about according to the new york post is her coming out in announcing look i'm not going to do not only am i not going to do mostly politics i'm not going to do any politics i've never even liked politics and the nbc exects apparently according to the are poster saying why did we hire you your life the most important at the time political voice on television she literally was super high you know they hired ricky van halen and he announced only going to play the oboe you know i've never really liked the qatar cleaner lina route a point of order to announce our new team signing lebron james but he will only juggle zones right and he's going to lead the halftime entertainment could easily see how behind the scenes they might be thinking that right we didn't hire you because we thought maybe you can do kelly ripa style stuff nobody knows you've never tried it we didn't throw you a hundred million dollars because of that pride and fox news was going to write an enormous check to keeper yeah i don't know nbc paid it was like his fox did offer hundred four hundred twenty million land and nbc for various reasons went yeah because she wanted to do something different but reagan why why so there's so happy country hater or more in our never going to give her a chance no matter what she does just reflexively of exactly where does have looked at the twitter feeds and stuff like that they just they they they they she thinks she party hitler whatever even though she went after trump which oh yes used to raving lee antitriad details they're all her air all hitler strong and.

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