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Com he favored us and if you have like in a lex or Google home you simply say play WFAN boom you're all set up all right great stuff out of Greg bell from the Tacoma Tribune Wes those was cut was point people they're good I think they're smart he reference this here's a quote from the referee on the play where Carson Wentz was injured and referee Shawn Smith his quote about that hit he said of course and once he was a runner and he did not give himself up we saw incidental helmet contents contact and in our judgment we didn't rule that to be a foul I agree with Greg bell I call in about should have been a penalty but that doesn't bring Carson Wentz back into the game and so one penalty one foul on that play isn't going to have had a massive impact on this football game I do think the JVM Clowney should expect a pretty hefty fine the severity of that of the hit and the injury I think going to lead to a pretty big fine and so we'll say but expect that to come this week alright we'll head back to the phones and Kevin in tandem with trying to have our door Lori I'm doing well Kevin what do you got for me we don't want a little twelve this phrase game at the end it was a blatant push all of I don't know what the referees I was like that you know they've missed a great respect call I was like that I just go back to the free sprint because every year to repair getting one plate short I don't think I don't really feel that badly for saying fans in the sense that last year I I feel badly that they got job last year with the call the didn't go their way and this is another bad one so yes I feel bad I suppose to some extent by number one first of all they threw such eighty eight a hissy fit last year that it's because of the saints fans that were stuck with these stupid it it you know the stupid rule that theoretically you can challenge and review offense of in defensive pass interference because of them that we have this stupid rule and then it's because of NFL officiating then it seems to have had I don't know second thoughts about the rule like they don't like it even though they created it and now they're wishy washy all season long and they don't call it if you don't want to have this rules and don't have it but today's end of game with the saints there was exactly why we have this rule and it to me is it it's unforgivable that you don't sit and review that play if you want to decide that that's not often to pass interference after thoroughly reviewing it well I guess that's on you but you have to review it I thought Kevin that was offense of pass interference you know you see the arm of Kyle Rudolph fully push off against the B. is simply push off and you see the defender's head even kind of go backwards on the play he created space and separation all right I don't know but the Titans game all man I love the person I only the patriots so but I I thought the play that Titans coach rebel troops rock would be which only needs to come off the clock it was yeah he he he basically pulls a ballot checking and yeah and did the delay of game stuff and then personally I would like to celebrate new like I won the lottery that are out there was you know what it was it really was and is a so called him look it was a lot of fun and and then the other thing that has to be mentioned and that game is Derrick Henry and you know just the the job he did run in the ball and running it down the throat of that patriots team and you I understand that Dave Gelman wants to say say crown Barkley you know a gold jacket guy are hall of Famer and touched by god all the things that they the gentleman said about sick one Barkley when his drafting him but you look around the league and there certainly are a number of other backs well that first McCaffrey or a guy like Derrick Henry that you look at and say yeah there are number of elite backs and Derrick Henry has to be right up at the top of that list in a guy who come playoff time is so physical the it not just is gonna bust a long run but get to that short yardage gets you those tough yards those yards you have to have those goal line carries all of that he is a man and and sometimes it's like a man among boys out there that's for sure let's go to about David in Jacksonville what's going on in Jacksonville Florida data hello Laurie hi David what do you have for being crazy sure I hate it I use the list and I was with my mom most beautiful girlfriend and check for the morning hours clay Travis with that name and I thought he was the head and I just put you on now and I thought you are unbelievable all right well thank you I appreciate that you want to talk a little football well I want to talk about WFAN all right now I'm a little nervous because if you want to move with your husband to another country or another state mold because WFAN is very very lucky that the all right well thank you David I appreciate that I'm sorry that I and it's very very kind of you to say that but yeah sure people want to talk about the game so we're gonna go back to that let's go to Joe in Brooklyn Hey Joe how are yeah Hey Lori how are you I'm doing well gel even talk about okay so just a few things first off does Roger Goodell watch these games sometimes it doesn't feel like he does does it well because after what happened last year to the Saint for this to happen and I understand they were driving do they score in that situation more likely than not but you know and and all sorts of pass interference in that situation the ball back ten yards they just got robbed the prior year the whole reason for instituting the new rule was because of the game that they participated in and this happens again let me read for you and then your comment is here was the statement by the way haven't read this yet to our listeners here's a statement from al river on who is the head of officials in your his statement about that last play was there is contact by both players but none of that contact rises to the level of a foul that is consistent with what we've done all year long we left the ruling on the field we let it stand here's my problem with it Joe is I happen to think it was offensive pass interference but whether you thought so or not what I don't understand is I thought the whole point of us going through this all year long garbage and what exactly was for exactly the situation that it's the last play the game the last two minutes of a game or that it's over time and that there is a a scoring play that were not being scenario that we're not sure about and don't you have to do don't you have to take an extra thirty seconds to say blow the whistle let's stop at first second we're gonna do a booth review were or we're going to go back to your could do or if you were really get a look at this play and dissect it and you know what if in watching it in real time speed or whatever they've deemed they said you know what it's worth saying it's it's both players and we don't think so then they at least it was almost like there was a crime committed and they decided not to have a jury of your peers they just let it all it's okay with no crime okay but given at least a trial considering what goes on in this league when it comes to concussions and all of these different things that it seems that the lease complicit in and covering up for them not I you know it at the end of the day the game doesn't exist without the sands watching the game and to not give them that respect like I'm I'm a fan of neither team but it seems like you know especially coming off of last year but they've been doing all year long they haven't been overturning calls especially on the coach's challenge and yeah I agree but that's the part where they'll say that they've been consistent with what we've done all year long and thanks for the call Joe which is on some level shirking their duty about it but then if you are not going to be over calling overturning plays then why do we get the role in the first place because I think this one did rise to the level that you could have overturned it so I actually thought it was offensive pass interference yes there was a level of contact but from both players but then one player did take his arm extended fully and shove the other player back so much so that the defender's head goes backwards a little bit on the play and increase the space to make that catch so to me that rises to a level of offensive pass interference but I understand if what they're saying was it wasn't enough to overturn a call and we're going to let it stand whatever was called in real time on the field if that's what they wanted okay but you really have to take a moment and look at it don't you otherwise if you're just going to default to it and say we're gonna go is the ruling on the field and let that stand the why do we have the rule in the first place why do we have it just to get under the nails and the and the skin and everything of NFL France and and and drive us all insane is that what the rules about and then we're wasting our time S. is is completely stupid let's go to Gary in Brooklyn with one I'm Gerri hello Laurie hi Gerry are you doing great so I just couldn't help feeling deja vu during this patriots game when I dropped that brand yeah all I could think about at that moment was Wes Welker and and you know the the against the giants yeah I know absolutely and we really yeah and catch the ball yeah this is really an early something weird is happening here yeah I had that same conversation this morning my nephew and I talk every every Sunday morning have our sports conversation and we brought UP I brought the same thing that was the first thing I thought of when that ball was dropped second in six and honestly the Welker throw wasn't you know the Welker catch was a lot harder than this one this one hit is that a Julian element right in the hands and if he is that football and it was in his stomach in the gut if he catches that football their first down around midfield who's to say and they don't go on and kick a field goal and we're having a completely different conversation about the patriots that I meant to be I don't read back like you said right in there right in there to get the replays like powers of possible yeah this happening in I would love to hear yours also anything she probably didn't cut whatever you know thank you from what I gather as far as the edges of somebody posted I would love to give credit I io want you know some one of the beat writers who covers said that they saw the image might even want to be fair minded in one of the ESPN TV you guys said they there was an image leaving the stadium of Tom Brady carrying one of his children and Giselle walking next to him and it just it it was a very sweet thing walking off so I don't think that at this point I think she's always her lesson I think she's commenting and certainly by the Brady one enough with Julian Edelman and they want to Superbowl you know we just last year so I don't think she's commenting on that all right and Jim I see you gonna grab a quick break and when we come back I'm gonna have a guest this time we are where to go in and have a conversation I had a Seahawks yes on now we're gonna have a the the Vikings guest on and dive into that game a little bit so that's coming up after the update twelve twenty time for an update Harris.

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