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This is what Lee streamer we're talking to Joseph Farrell, his website Giza death, star dot com. Go to Giza death star. There is an absolutely amazing amount of information there, you know, we're considered people kind of at the edge kind of fringy. But you know, when you look folks at something like that star this website, how long have you been doing this Joseph? We started it in. I think about two thousand eight two thousand nine so even almost two full decades. So you're talking to I'm talking to a guy who's websites being there for working for ten years mine's been working for twenty years. And this is solid stuff. This is and we have been looking at these strange things all of this time, we have in depth memory now. Like, you know, I'm talking about similar events that happened in Sicily in two thousand four no one anywhere else. In the news is even close to remembering that kind of stuff. There are here for the this current twenty minute fifteen minute of muse segment, and that's it. There's much more going on. I just want to mention in passing something we briefly discussed Catherine often us fits in. I briefly discussed which is Jack cashiers report on. Mission SDS forty-eight shuttle mission STS forty eight where you see coming up from below which we've determined was from pine gap or from central Australia. I should say a pulse of energy that causes a number of little white dots to Dr off into at breakneck speed, and this is a pulsed energy weapon being fired at the little white dots. And what do you suppose they may be? They're not astronauts. They're not meteors their UFO's, and they're being fired at therefore that is real. And so is that weapon. Now, the first one of the first things you're going to want to do with a weapon like that is to pointed down because it gives you so much control over what's going on below. If now we'll see with time whether or not the. Areas of the of the the burn areas that were all that that railroad was supposed to go through end up in Ebeling the railroad to be finished. Because right now, it doesn't look like it's going to be finished because it's too expensive. So the the high speed rail system at a looked at the maps, but a lot of people have these maps out there that show that the high speed rail system went right through the areas that are the Paris, very convenient. Because of course, it vastly decreased the value of those burners. Okay. So now I want to move on. We're sort of doing a little digest show year. And this is this these odd seismic waves. That have been. Pulsating around the planet sums way off your Joseph, obviously, why don't you tell us a little bit about what you're thinking is. Well, I I encountered these Whitley back when I wrote Roswell in the Rif, and I even put a picture of some of these waves at the end of that book because there was a German kind of amateur seismologists that was picking up all of these very very large in in terms of amplitude large waves coming out of an Arctic and he even put up on his site. Even even look in the book because I put the pictures of of these waves. They're just bizarre with they are all over the the the seismic Graham, and they're enormous their enormous wave forms and he put up on on his site a seismic wave of a nuclear explosion. Which of course. Was dwarfed by these things. And now, we've got this story of the seismic waves that are peering that that people have noticed and been posting. So something is going on inside the planet. And you know, I'm thinking of the movie core where where they discover that the internal dynamo of the planet is slowing down. And has it slows down the magnetic field? Of course is collapsing. And we've been you know, hearing about that story for a number of years. So I'm wondering if maybe we're watching something like that happen or as that movie. Also brought out and it's a fascinating movie. It's kind of a Hollywood b movie. But interestingly enough it's discovered in their that their experiments with deep low extremely low and ultra low frequency. Waves inside the planet that they've been using to communicate with submarines and so on and so forth actually caused this phenomenon..

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