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The techs and what's that message on that story Luby says this is hotels are all closed so he doesn't need a short term visa immigrant workers at the moment angland says this as the president of a country of immigrants how are you Roenick to keep your techs almost sent messages coming into us the numbers this plus full full seventy seven eighty six twenty fifty eighty five we are going to carry on talking about the current virus pandemic now because Ghana has become the first country in Africa to lift its look down on Monday after three weeks the move by president nana Akufo Addo got a mixed response with some happy to go back to work and earn money and others very worried that it is a gamble when over one thousand people in the country still have the virus schools remain closed and arrivals from abroad get quarantine still so there is still some restriction in place we're gonna will be closely watched by other governments in Africa it is a political tightrope to allow people to work with the risk of possible virus outbreaks let's get a few of his month Davis a social commentator in the capital across who works at the Methodist University College that welcome to the program Mister Davis so so what what will happen on Monday did everyone rush out to work and the food markets okay good morning we can still listed as this situation in Ghana it is under control the fact that we have a one thousand and forty two people close friend positive and also we have nine people losing their lives and critical condition I we have a ninety nine people currently recalled and is charged I would say that it was a mixed feeling and the optimism was another beats confusing with some people because we are in the political season there are some people on the other side thinking the odds the president das extended the long term about a week also although the presidency is it was necessary to lock down the borders to ensure that there could be chasing all those people that won't be affected Intel also allowing the people who are vulnerable cool to be in those struggling for survival one the first point is we have it did not issue the second point is that the government's confirms to us that the operator on the pizza and so the decision by the president I'm not sure who will most scientific okay just just drop quickly though because I'd like to know what the situation is that what when we talk about the science and and they saying yes it's all of the data it's all about the spread therefore we think it's safe to lift the restrictions but what is the what is the testing and tracing and quarantining regime where you what is that much testing there is no must they've seen what they did was touch the trees does will have to contact you those who brought the disease in the country on one of the trees and identify with you you are on tell you the truth although she got contracts and they get their current time keep them in the safe please hold money and evaluation very busy our experiments with the trucks that are used on the people who will get them not secondly many people are free some people are excited because it was difficult to get the right amount of people to be given the necessary relief speaks in there of the lockdown as I speak with you some people are still excited only to kindly pointed to Cali there really is a little beach also confusion or let me use the mounting should wear the Okaloosa sizes no residents is complete the bulls on the southern part as against you it's awesome evil people have to be released to go get what you want the president gave St seven principles we don't want help organization rules so people can operates by women got marks get to the our son dies is on them and show me the practice social distancing ensuring they don't do things are cool following the principles of one health organization when we come down probably lifting of the logo okay so stick to those and and and that's what the vice is still is because what we will leave it there the line is is a little bit shaky but we think we got most of what you said thank you so much for joining us on Tuesday because Monday was the social commentator in the capital across the eighteen minutes policy if you can answer with the sport hi Lauren so snow in Valencia the latest to European clubs to announce the players have agreed to pay cuts as they attempt to shore up that business to make sure that lower paid employees continue to get that wages for lunch you haven't revealed the details of the amounts that that players have agreed to forgo arsenal side the first team squad and head coach makayla charter and the rest of his coaching career I have agreed to trim their earnings by twelve and a half percent they have also agreed a deal on the amount to be paid back if they reach particular targets in the eventually resumed season and we might find a bit more details about what European football's governing body you way for once about to do about the resumption of its seasons a little later on today that you to give members an update we're told by hoping to get things done by August at the latest other stories the international Olympic committee in Japan's government to both denied the reports which suggested that it would be the country which would shoulder the extra financial burden shifting the Olympic Games by twelve months and the chief executive of the U. S. PGA has said they're looking at the possibility of holding gulps Ryder Cup with friends following the action virtually if the pandemic means I can't actually believe that but it's a long way from a plan everyone in the game agrees that the biennial match between Europe and the United States is in many ways made by the real closely engaged crowds on the coast so today I have a right to cut without the crowds would be really something thanks Matthew Matthew cannon with the sport it's kind of like if the team is not the crowds in the Ryder Cup at that'll be interesting to watch now I'm let's have a look at the business news Australia's second biggest airline is the latest casualty of the corona virus pandemic David Willis has the details hello again David tell us more these ended in voluntary administration the company employs a total of around sixteen thousand people as well as Sir Richard Branson's virgin group its owners include Singapore Airlines the government of the United Arab Emirates and the Chinese conglomerate H. and a note last month virgin Australia cut virtually all its flights in response to corona virus travel bans that we introduced of course in many parts of the world by then however the company was already in debt to the tune of around five billion all the dollars that's the equipment around three billion U. S. an appeal to the Australian government for support went unheeded and virgin Australia is now seeking both new buyers and investors its collapse would give the national carrier Qantas a virtual monopoly on flights to and from down under and meanwhile another part of the virgin empire is in trouble as well I believe it is yes that's right Tim search Branson is seeking a UK government bailout full virgin Atlantic and not a hand out he says but alone and he's offering his Caribbean island as collateral as you do in return for a loan and thought to be in the region of about six hundred million pounds in an open letter to staff the region said the airline survival was in doubt and he also addressed the criticism of those who say that that's one of the richest people in the world you should well as the saying goes pony up his own cash to keep virgin a floaty countered those arguments by saying that estimates that he put his net worth of more than five billion dollars well conducted on the basis of the value of his businesses before the corona virus pandemic and he added that trump it wasn't as of yet billions of dollars just sitting around in a bank account ready to be withdrawn critics have also pointed out that since moving to the British Virgin Islands fourteen years ago he hasn't paid any UK income tax L. lines around the world have been devastated by the corona virus pandemic which led to a ninety five percent full in and travel in some parts of the globe to yeah he did say that he didn't move to that islands to avoid paying taxes just love beyond just possible that's what these would would you would you would would you say that's it now the price of US soil it's a negative for the first time we've been talking about on the program this morning has been a slight rise know who is well known one of my prized in Asian annoyed Asian markets were expecting some sort of correction that but the final bit tepid at the opening but they're expected to bounce back a little bit it's not seen as an indication of the long term price of oil things will bounce back the analysts are saying David thank you David Willis with a business is a nice idea one.

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