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Later this hour p prisco our guy has his list of the top one hundred players in the league we'll go through one through ten type there any bears in there you could probably figure it out for yourself in terms of the top ten but pete's got forebears in all his top one hundred so spent some time on that later on mike north scott his best play one forty five don't forget to join mike and me tonight from six to seven tonight never friday night from six seven after waddle and silvy for the odds couple we'll you except for the weekend lots to talk about i got a bunch of n._f._l. future stuff to talk about with mike so we're going to have fun tonight at six juicy my college features i had out that day too i you handed over under still over a hundred as we also got prove big about those yeah i think yellow noise at three oh my god northwestern six and a half so i'm not brushed up yet really taking a look Yeah. about your rights chew on let's talk some baseball now the white sox are at home tonight against the twins they still have a name to starter maller and i can't even think who it's going to be i mean you got three starters two of them stink i think i think there's four games five hundred going to get the ghosts to britt burns to come by i don't know what they're gonna do rich dot click cubs are in cincinnati to start a road trip to wrap the first half of the season and talk baseball we got our buddy tim kirch in he's with carmen and your go on e._s._p._n. one thousand and e._s._p._n. chicago dot com tim how are you Good. Pitching neck. the old left the up on the bump and i i mean i don't know what they're gonna do and you've got a formidable opponent and probably the best offense in the american league and they have really very little pitching but you know what is the white sox fan it's still been an enjoyable season to him i mean good things are happening and they've played exponentially better than they did just a year ago yeah i would be excited for a white sox fan because you're starting to see the young guys you're seeing conic come into his own seeing you know do some really good thing if all really long way you're saying timur just got her really taking the next step in development to being really good player and of course lucas g lido and great and more young pitching is on the way they're not going to the playoffs this year but if they stay like they are now around five hundred mile mile contention pretty darn good for team that do wasn't supposed to do even that much this year too we always wondered why mike rizzo was so quick to kind of move on from gio lido a guy who is really highly touted when he was young you know maybe the injury had something to do with it i don't know but you know we always said yeah mike rizzo doesn't make bad trades really why are they so eager to get rid of leader and then the way he pitched last year think white sox fans we're kind of like i guess that's why he's not very good and now he's had this incredible bounceback season i know he hasn't been great his last two times out but he's really flip the the script here i mean do you have any idea why he kind of fell out of favor so quickly and were you confident that he always had this in him well i always heard that he had and just don't forget they had a chance to get ambers miller in his prime for the stretch run and the miller that changed the games where you know for the orioles and then for the indian and the national would not give up jay leno to get andrew miller and then you know a year later they just put them in a package for atta meeting and that doesn't follow and i'm still not sure what happened i just think it was a question you know does he have enough not just stuff but the other the intangibles to be really good and clearly he does and i'm surprised still at the nationals moving along the day that trade was made i think all of us baseball writers kind of looked at each other like what is this and now we're starting to see that our confusion was well-founded how about the twins i mean they're you know the the yankee offense everybody healthy i mean maybe better we kinda split here but statistically no offense in the american league has been better more dangerous than the minnesota twins and it's half the season i mean they really looked the part of a ferocious offense and can they do some damage come october yeah i'm really i'm not surprised that twins are much better than last year be this much better i didn't see them leading in homers runs scored virtually every import categories but they can really swing the bad nelson johnson's go marlins dollars new guys by reflexively got hurt started to find some things and they just pounded now was r._e._o. kepler they can really hit now i thought they'd go get dallas tikal or craig kimbrel and they got neither and i don't think i think they need to look at madison bumgarner and see if he's available will smith giants who's having a tremendous year so it'll be real interesting to see where the twin go from here as far as quiring players because no matter how well they played i just can't see them being better than the astros went october is or better than the antes went october ride so we'll see how aggressive they are at the trade is cleveland seller or a buyer i mean at some point said that wasn't linda or somebody said we weren't gonna end up signing with them yeah the team said linda did they trade him with all this control laughed is it makes sense for them to trade him this year tim to really like maximize toronto no and i think they should be buyers because they have played themselves with a really good month of june back into contention i think for just one of those wildcards i'm not saying that to win the division but my clever is back now and they're gonna get cold back at some point although he's he's going to be awfully rusty winning comes back and so they if they get in any way get their pitching healthy they could be very dangerous team in october if they could line up that entire rotation completely healthy 'cause i think it was the best in the american league when the season began then we've got hurt but the way they swung the bat you know fifty owners or so in the month of june so they're finally starting to swing i think they have to buy today have my not sell but keep in mind they don't have much money to buy so i think they might just stand pat lindores headed incredible month to tim kirch in is our guest it's carbon in your co on e._s._p._n. one thousand s._p._n. chicago dot com you mentioned all the home runs the indians have hit this month everybody's hitting home runs i think we might actually be able to add a home run i saw cody bellinger i thought it was a pop up to shallow center yesterday i get it it's colorado it went out of the park i it is staggering we've kind of talked about it at nauseam tim but there's obviously something happening with the ball there's been some interesting reporting this week about it and it's very sort of math heavy in geeky and friction ratios and stuff that i just simply don't understand but you basically right now have like oh i think eighteen are trending to hit over two hundred fifty home runs that's only happened like six times in the seven times in the history of baseball it's incredible isn't it yeah and it's too much look i love the game i'm gonna always love the game but they're too many walks their way too many strikeouts and way too many home runs right now and i think the ball is different i've talked to people who say this ball is harder than the ball a few years ago others have told me it's smaller than the ball of the few years ago and i'm just not sure i don't think there's any conspiracy here i just think this has happened and i don't think it's good for the game because it's taken a bunch of little guys the time it will sell with all due respect and there is the ball out of the ballpark now everyone swinging that way and that's not healthy for the game that just invert lander becomes the first pitcher in the history of baseball to strike out sixteen and a game and allow three homers insane game me arguably the best pitcher in the american league right down giving them twenty one home run that's not healthy and there's all all or nothing game i think really not much not nothing between we really need to take a hard look at it you think rob manfred shares that sentiment he's sitting in the office going well we've gone way too far the other way yes i'm pretty sure well i know for sure that they discussed this many times i speed up the game how to get more action into the game but it's hard to get action into the game when you have this many strikeouts and this many walks this many hitters not even thinking about making contact as opposed to let's get the ball up in the air as far as we can and again i don't think that's a healthy situation what do you think of the all star selections and they've kind of tweaked how these guys are selected it seemed like everybody involved got it right i mean these all star teams look about right don't they yeah i think the fans did a really good job and even if they did i would be okay with that 'cause we need to keep our fans is involved as possible and that's one way to do it hundred his story is absolutely remarkable there was no guarantee was gonna make the team this spring you went to winter ball last year just to to revive his career now he's starting i mean i guess you can make a case a couple of guys that's better unions its first half than he did but i love the story i really liked the gap is the fan did overall how about craig kimbrel since we mentioned him earlier on the north side what did that do for the cubs bullpen well it was critical that they did something and they got the leading save leader of the save leader among active pitchers as first pitch yesterday was ninety miles an hour he's special pitcher whether a special arm and they desperately needed somebody because everything should be presented for all these nationally teams to can you beat the dodgers that's how good the dodgers are and i just see i couldn't see it all the cubs beating the dodgers that the bullpen they have now they certainly have a better chance because dodgers remain the best team in the nationally for sure the tampa bay rays playing in montreal how realistic is that as far as those at the city of tampa bay had something to say about this yes they do and that's why.

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