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Year's WrestleMania will be in Saudi Arabia. The rest of the observer says that Cody Rhodes versus Seth Rollins is still listed internally for WrestleMania, but it's not a lock. You hear that, Joe? It's got to be a lot. But wouldn't they be announced that it opened up a lot with the center? It's a log of attention. When the beta announced it already though, no, they got a slow play something, I think. Yeah. I think they're doing it right. All right, it's all about selling tickets. And ticket sales are down. You would think as soon as you have a lot. Cody Rhodes is gonna make you go buy a ticket to WrestleMania. AW marks. 8 W Mark short. Thank you. Well, not the marky Mark. They are Hamilton. So Mark goes on. Also, the monster says WWE wants to induct the Steiner brothers, but it depends on whether Scott cider will do it. If he refuses, they'll just induct Rick. Okay. Gesta hates everyone and WWE. It's very vocal about that. And the final reports that WWE filmed some vignettes for the return of Elias, but that doesn't really mean anything. It's all firm plans are set. I mean, just let me film these like a year ago. Just look at beer, right? Got one, you've been coming. Right. Any other rumors never. All right, trivia time. Yeah, there was also, I had that for first two days. It was also a name change that was pitched. They haven't really heard any details. That vix was badly looked too much like Randy Savage. Like, isn't that much like rainy Saturday? Go out of our way, you know what I mean? If he comes, I'm not gonna be like, is that pretty savage back from the dead? People are already calling him Randy Savage. The first time, right? Fucking elbow drop. There was a finish. All right. Trivia time. What was the first ever Dave Meltzer? 5 star match in WrestleMania history. The macho and what's his name? No. It's incorrect. Macho and email steam. Yeah, that's right. No, I'm just kidding. Before that, can't be was after that. I'm not sure if you had a reading before then. Nothing you did? Yeah. Who was his earliest reading? I guess he was rated all the main ideas. He needs to do it in a while, since the 70s. He gave like Hogan Andre like negative four stars or something like that. What a pizza shit. Yeah. I like him. You know, we kind of relates to some topics, but Razer and Sean. Correct. Yeah. Okay. And good work. So ten WrestleManias. Right, we get 5. It's because they never did one that took you to them. True. All right, fan questions. Bobby de March soy nem, y'all ready for WrestleMania SmackDown raw and NXT all 5 nights. No. That's true. It's 5 nights in a row. SmackDown mania, mania, raw NXT. Back to back. Well, I'm sure NXT will go back to global right up. Maybe flow right? No, but I'm saying the right Tuesday. And standing delivers midday on Saturday. Yeah. We're competing with them. That's funny. Yeah. For their competition. We're tiny arena is that I'm not sure. Something that holds like 5000 people, like Dallas, high school stadium, Jim stadium. Right. It's like a WrestleMania weekend. Thank you. I made a mistake. I think they sold like, it's like, it's in a place that holds 5000. They sold like 3000 like kind of right away, so yeah. Justin Stewart, would you guys rather be a terrible heel or a terrible face? I would say heel because at least people are going to hate you, they're supposed to. I'd rather be a terrible face because then you know what to do as a deal. Including the opposite of what you're doing is a failure. You might be stuck as a terrible face like Cody Rhodes and that's true. One 9 9 big twist by buried video game edition, Final Fantasy series, metal gear series, uncharted series, there's only one right answer. This is wrestling question? Yeah. So I've never really played uncharted. I've only really played. I played a couple final fantasies, but really it's all about Final Fantasy 7. Yeah. I've played a bunch of metal gears, but like as a series, I guess metal gear pushmo gear. Yeah. Final Fantasy 7 is like my favorite game ever, but I really haven't played the other one. Very Final Fantasy and fire uncharted. Yeah, fuck them shortly. DeMarcus Moreland, what star outside of WWE do you think Vince could actually book better? No one that's Vince. Yeah. You can't cook anyone good. Correct. I don't know. The one Wilson favorite razor Ramon moment other than the latter match. Oh. Raise a remote. So it can't be Scott ball. Fair enough, can't be WCW. I think when honestly, when he got pinned by one two three kid, and then like kind of turned face after that, yeah, that was kind of like fun watching that transition. Right. And that was like on the first row, right? I think so much better. Right, had the open challenge or whatever. And one two three came out. Yeah. That's true. What always got me is when you just throw the toothpick on the camera. Yeah. And is that I love that so much. Yep. Bradley gentry and popular opinion on board with this version of edge, nothing new, nothing interesting. Can you honestly say that you look forward to his promo every week? It's the same thing every week. Well, it's only happened to me. So I've been too weak. Yeah, I'm not tired of it yet. Better than 90% of the show, right? Yeah. Jason Derulo might think we've all seen enough CSI to know that the actual original purpose of the black light edge now uses for his promos was to find out. And fear has come yet. Imagine sunny coming out of the ring in that lady. Oh, my God. It's a walking Jackson Pollock. Ian mcallister, update on boilings, we both like the name Wyatt. Somehow all of our names are WWE related. What do you guys think? Yeah, why it's cool. It's very nice. Why or Finn? Sure. Dylan, that was what they said last morning. I mean, you could go with Randy? Edge, Roman. Yeah. Just don't go with Randy, who is Brandon? Right. Macho man. Macho man. If you're gonna do WWE, I mean, hold on, hold the person. Hollywood hulk, Hogan. What was the challenge? Dylan will you guys try WWE two K 22 at some point? We'd love to watch you guys play or play one of the old SmackDown versus wall games against each other. We buy it for us, Dylan? Yeah, if you bought it, we'll play it. We'll make a Patreon episode. We'll do that. That's sure we can technically do it at rumble. Yeah, we have a TV in here now. Yeah. We have to hook up. Somehow hook up the flex station to this hanging television. Just get like a TV trader. Yeah. Lewis Vasquez wrestling fucking sucks. Hey, that's right. I'm more curious.

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