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That doesn't mean it's easy to do that, and and yes, you might slip back on that decision occasionally, but I like that mindset better so instead of sort of saying well. We'll see every time going to a Christmas party. Well, maybe I'll have some cookies. We'll see you know. It's no make that decision ahead of time and decide what you're going to do, and then you don't have to torture yourself with that decision later. I call certain foods, no brainer foods and I like this. Because most people have at least one or two students that they used to eat that they no longer eat that they gave up for health reasons, or whatever of Sodas, a good example for a lot of people so. Many people at one point in their life drank soda and most people would think listening to this probably don't drink soda and most people who most of my new clients who come in have given that up long ago and you know if they were at a party or a dinner and someone offered them a soda. They would just say no. Thank you and it would have no emotional power over them whatsoever. So that. Food is become sort of a no brainer food. They don't have to think about it. They don't have to make a decision about it. It's just an automatic response, and so what I try to encourage my clients to do is. Choose some other foods that do have some power over them and try to shift them over to that no-brainer column. You know maybe one food at a time. Especially, if you know, these are really powerful addiction craving, so you know. Maybe it is a bagels in the morning or something like that for somebody still. or it's the occasional cookie, or whatever, and and and if you really do want to eliminate that from your diet, of course, you can, and your graded this stock, but now there's lots of ways to make these foods in in healthier low carb, ketogenic ways, but but if you WANNA get rid of the Sugar Sweden versions of these shift them.

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