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My wife gets a minimum of thirty minutes a day. Whether I'm with her or not my eight year old son gets a minimum of thirty minutes a day seven days a week. No matter what am I three teenage daughters? They get two minutes a day minimum every single day. And it's more torture for them in a blessing for me because if anyone has three teenagers girls or boys, you know, two minutes a day is like a heaven on earth, and and they'll they'll be thankful when they get older. But it's a challenge to get that two minutes. Awesome. I love the hustle. I love the passion. Last thing. I'm going to hit you with here. I always ask all the dads and again on the podcast, what type of advice? Do you have for the new dad or for that about the be father who's out there listening? Yeah. The best piece of father advice for new father was one. That was given to me when I had my first child at the hospital, and I was terrified right. I was terrified to take out home. I, you know, had no situation Eleazar experience of how to be a parent, and it was very simple. Love your child. Unconditionally? That's if you just love that's out on conditional. You bless that job for life. And just let them feel confident. It doesn't mean to be their best friend. It doesn't mean you can't discipline. But when they know, and they're secure that you love them unconditionally, then you can provide discipline and strategy, and in all the different things, you can push them as long as they know you love them unconditionally. So best piece of advice is just love your child unconditionally. Awesome. I really love the message. You are a first class father for sure, and I'd like to say thank you so much for giving me a few minutes of your time right here on first-class fatherhood out, man. I really appreciate it. If you need any help. I mean. Okay. You bet. I will do David Meltzer everybody. I'll be right back after a quick spot. Empowered fathers in action is a nonprofit organization focused on reducing bullying incidents and decreasing the rates of teenage.

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David Meltzer, Eleazar, Two Minutes discussed on First Class Fatherhood

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