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You can tell. I'm still going through a little puberty like that once in a while but i am dave grave line in spite of what you may think you here and i am the more manly chris. Grave line more manly voice manly voice. I don't know. I see you have more dulcet tone. Yes currently yeah. Normally i do right. Yeah yeah yeah. And of course horatio in new york city ross. Mo- working out of his home in south beach with the show. Kim coconut creek. No saami highly gardens beth in naples. And julio in the control room. I don't know how that happened. Who led him in. I don't know but we need to fire security. Apparently they're not doing their job but glad to have you with us and thanks for tuning into tomorrow. Thank you especially when you call in and participate. Yes of course we get some emails and text messages because now you can actually send a text to our eight hundred number. Thanks to text me anywhere but.

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