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Because Patti LaBelle had just performed, you know, he's the great Richard Pryor. But he can't just launch into jokes. That's right. You know, he's got a breakdown that berry and aiding to look at that. How he goes about the end you can see the switch to material. I know I I actually have the right now. I don't often get that you. But you do your special just watch a dirty dirty dirty clean, right? Right. And you come out, and I go what is Pete doing right now? Is you spent a lot of any road interview. They were like he walked out. Like he forgot what he was doing. Like, what do you think? I didn't add I know. I know because I going out. Yeah, I'm here. And there is an artifice in the room because you filming something, you know, you you call. Attention to smoke out of the window and get that shit out. But you know, the I remember going to the library, and I got VHS is of standup. So when you certainly when I was, you know, it's probably fifty fourteen. Maybe I don't know. I couldn't just get anything. You get what they had. And they had I think maybe I bought them. Maybe you'd have to buy them. Right. I don't know if they had them at the life, although they were more expensive to buy. It was in. There was there was one period in videotape history. Nothing the videotape historian. We're like the day would like if you wanted to buy a movie because like a hundred I remember. Yeah. And you can rent it for five. That's right. 'cause they wanted you to run blockbuster when we would not return video we're still going with those old prices ten thousand dollars. What guys this is for pork?.

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