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Welcome to the bernardi poker show here on December 14th. I hope you enjoyed our 2021 WSOP wrap up last week with Robbie straczynski and Chad Holloway. This week, we have a very special guest. He was talked about last week in our 2021 WSOP wrap up. Why? Well, he won the most coveted bracelet that every single poker player dreams of winning every single year. It's the 2021 WSOP main event champion. Cry Al demir will be our guest this week and next week as well. We have a two part interview with him. He talks about his career. He talks about everything leading up to the WSOP 2021 main event. And of course, he talks about the main event. The final table, the heads up battle at that epic final hand versus George Holmes. You won't want to miss it. Definitely follow me on Twitter, Bernard Lee poker. You can also watch these interviews on YouTube so you can follow me on my YouTube channel Bernard Lee poker and hit the subscribe and notification bell. So Kari will be our guest and also to kick off 2022, not too shabby. The 2021 WSOP player of the year that's right, Josh Ari four time bracelet winner two times this year and as we mentioned one player of the year. He'll kick off January, the first two weeks of January will be with Josh REA on the fourth and the 11th of January 2022. But the last two weeks of this year, the 14th today and the 21st will be the champ cry alde Mir will be taking the 28th off for the holidays, but before we get to that interview, let's talk about another WSOP main event. It was the Europe WSOP main event. 688 entries created a prize pool of over 6.5 €1 million and it was amazing to see this battle also first prize was 1.2 7 6 €1 million second prize was almost €800,000. It was one by Joseph, gulas junior, he defeated Johann Gilbert of France, Joseph is from the Czech Republic. He played in the first event, which was the opener and then played cash the rest of the time. And then decided to play in the main event, he waited for the main event. He had an entry locked up because of his third place finish in the 250 IPS main event this past June and he would buy in to this main event. Also, the runner up, he's a very popular streamer and vlogger in Europe. He's a French man, but lives in Malta, two years ago, he was heads up for a coven to gold bracelet and unfortunately missed out then in a $3000 limit Holden shootout. Well, congratulations to Josef gulas from the Czech Republic winning his bracelet in the WSOP Europe main event. Well, when we return, it will be the 2021 WSOP main event winner cry Aldo beer here as we kick off a two part interview with him this week and next week when we return here on the Bernard Lee poker show. Hi, this is mad savage. The executive tour director of the world poker tour. Hi, this is Kristen bicknell, three time female GPI player of the year. Hi, this has been stabbed Patton. Hi, this is Jonathan little. This is Joe hashim. Hey, this is Chris moneymaker. Congratulations, Bernard la on 14 years. Amazing accomplishment. Look forward to the next 14. The clicking of chips builds your Bill insights streaming for a tell underneath your run good hoodie. A sigh parks from his lips and follows with call. His hand instruments as you flip over the flop nuts, whispers around the table complain about how good you are running. Your response? The stacking of their chips. Rungu gear dot com is focused premiere online store for clothes on and off the poker belt. Find your run good with our poker shirts, hats, hoodies, and much more at run good gear dot com. Run good, run deep, run pure. For a limited time type in Bernard run good at checkout for 15% off your entire purchase. Again, that's Bernard run good. No spaces to claim your 15% WSOP discount at run good gear dot com. Welcome to the Bernard Lee poker show. We are very honored to have this gentleman. This gentleman has now entered the world of immortality in poker. He is a person who is part of a very, very small group of players, less than 50 because there have been multiple champions of the World Series main event. And this person had one of the most dominating performances in a World Series main event probably since 2006 and Jamie gold. He was the chip leader not going into the final table, but on multiple days at the end of day 5 he was a chip leader at the end of day 6. He was 5th and chips going into the main event final table, chip leader with 20 left to go. He was a chip leader and did not give it up until they got to heads up. But ended up taking the World Series main event crown. The $8 million. And of course, most importantly, that bracelet, welcome to the show, the new champion, 2021 cry aldera. Congratulations cry. Welcome to the show, my friend. Yeah, hi, Bernard. Thanks for having me. Yeah, it sounds pretty, pretty crazy when you say it like that. But yeah, I guess that's what happened. Is it? I mean, everyone says it's a surreal moment, but have you come down a little bit from that incredible high of this is the dream. This is the dream of every poker player every player who ever comes to the World Series and plays on there. If you're watching on YouTube, you can see it, the mother ship right behind us, the final table. Not only getting to that table, but getting to it at a main event and then winning and then holding that bracelet over this pile of money as it kind of, have you come down a little bit more is it still, you're just riding high because it's just incredible dream. I mean, it has calmed down a little bit. It's been like ten days or.

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