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I do follow her because having Iran and wanted to see if we can get some sort of generation of more ears and more eyeballs. She retweeted it 12 hours later, so I'm just gonna put it out there. Right? Get it. The interview was aired 12 hours earlier. So I wonder if a lot of people went looking for it when it got retweeted. So I'm hoping today, maybe earlier Retweet that might be possible. Can you make a call? I cannot. I do not have that number. I thought that was hilarious. Got to Retweet 12. Hours later. We'll give you such an opportunity to laugh at me. Are you being nice to me today? Is that what I expect you to play now? I couldn't get it. I feel like kind of off today. Feeling a little off today. All right, I gotta get back on my game. Okay? My bad. My bad. I forgot its products. You've already done a box. You already got a box in? No, I'm not a boxing. You have not cracked a box wide open you only our one, though. All right. So yeah, that's right by our 2.5. Who knows, So I've got Kelly, general or two and then our three is going to be Gregory. Right? So we've had him on a million times. Inconvenient facts dot x Y Z is his website. He's a geologist who is also an expert in climate change. We talk about China again. They have their tentacles everywhere. And this time China, I guess has the rare earth materials that we need to make these batteries. For cars and batteries that we're all going to live on now, and therefore they can do anything they want and holding the rest of the world hostage to get these materials because you've got administration like the Bush administration, the Obama Harris Biden administration, forcing us all to go toward electric cars and not the internal combustion engine. So very interesting show. Look if I were not the host of the show. Would sit back and say that's a great show. I want to be too conceited about it, but we put together a great show today. I'll just kick back and listen. Yep. Wow. Another open opportunity to say you can't do it. Rachel, You suck your Joe PAGs. I would say that I wouldn't say that. That right mean I've actually got audio. I've actually got all of you saying something just like that, Like, you know what I mean? I heard it earlier. Thank you. So there you can watch. We think she's going to say Father's Day is coming up and I'm her father. She's going to be nice to me today. Um alright 88941 Paige's 88 9417247 Joe PAGs dot com If you don't mind, let's start out with the China story to go into the interview with Reggie Littlejohn at the bottom of the hour and China again. There are stories almost every day about China because which really key for China and the Chinese Communist Party, not the Chinese people, and none of what I'm saying is against the Chinese people. The Chinese Communist Party won. To portray an image that they are the best society on Earth. They can do no wrong and I guess there no propagating this theory about how the virus got out of Taiwan. Yeah, from the blaze. Chinese state media coming around the theory. The coronavirus might have come from the laboratory, but only because they want to put the blame on the United States, Reuters reported Thursday. Senior Chinese epidemiologist was calling on the United States to be investigated as the source civil laboratory leak that led to the global pandemic. Zing going chief epidemiologist with the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention based his opinion on a report from the U. S. National Institutes for Health. That's at least seven people in the U. S were infected with SARS COV two before official cases were reported going, told The Global Times. A Chinese state owned tabloid, the U. S. Was slow to test for the virus in the early weeks of the pandemic, all bio weapons related subjects that the country has should be subject to scrutiny, told the tabloid. He also pointed out the U. S. As many biological laboratories experts have debated whether the virus originated in nature or if it could have escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The Wuhan Lab League theory was initially mocked as conspiracy theory motivated by racism against China. More scientists have been gradually admitted the hypothesis as possible. On Wednesday, Harvard and MIT researcher Alina Chan admitted that many scientists and experts were motivated by politics when previously ridiculing the Wuhan lab League theory at the time of scarier to be associated with Trump and become a tool for racist. So people didn't want to publicly call for an investigation in the lab origins, Chan said. President Joe Biden has ordered US intelligence agencies to revisit the theory and investigate the evidence China might have covered up Okay, so The Chinese government wants us to believe First of all China. Racism is giant against China doesn't make sense. China is not a race. Asian is a race, but everybody we're racist against Asians. They'd be racist against Koreans and Vietnamese and those from Japan. I mean, just saying that China is somehow the race is stupid. But again that narrative works because you had to if you were on the left, you have to believe that Trump was racist as Told by carriages reading that story. We? We couldn't question the Wuhan lab theory and investigated because then we will be aligned with Trump. And somehow we'd be aligned with Racists. There's nothing about Trump that is racist. In fact, Joe Biden has a history of racism that makes Trump look like an ultra boy. So the idea that Trump equals racist. It's just propaganda that was put out there by the left media, academia, Hollywood in sports and everything else. So That's first and foremost. Now we're starting to hear even the smartest people in the room. Say. Well, of course, we should have investigated that Wuhan lab leak That only makes sense that came from Wuhan. But China says Let's go 180 degrees the other way. Yes, it escaped from a lab to lab in the United States, and in fact, people were dying in the streets in America way before the world knew about this. And the thing is that Kerry talked about this before. When I was in China. Google is China. Google. Um, when you go and try to find a news source, the news sources or China news sources you don't get real news. You get just what they say what they want. You took 1.6 billion Chinese that this escaped from a lab in America. You're probably gonna be pretty successful, aren't you? Yes, absolutely. They were telling their people. Americans were dying in the streets from this virus before it ended up anywhere else When you and I both know that people were dying in and mass in Wuhan, China, so much so that they had to shut the whole damn city down. But again, we can't get the truth in there so people will start to believe it and keep in mind. People on the left in this country are beholden to China now, especially the Bidens. They're beholden to China. So when you're beholden to China, you're going to go ahead and allow that propaganda out there. You're not gonna fight too hard against it. There were souls were still pretending There is one possible way it got out which was through nature and a bad and a slaughtered cow on the side of the road in China. That is so stupid, and it's been stupid since day one that's still out there. So, your thoughts on this new theory that China is putting out there that it's somehow started as a a lab league in America, and we've been covering it up the whole time. And when we come back, I'll explain exactly why that's Incredibly stupid..

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