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Redskins, Colt Mccoy, Cowboys discussed on Mornings on the Mall with Brian Wilson


Home. All right. Well, you'll take it. And they must be they're dying in Dallas Fort Worth for a while. They don't handle the cold. Well, let's talk about the game today. You know, we obviously Alex Smith out and we've got Colt McCoy in for him what our expectations from Colt McCoy today. Well, you know, there are high expectations from Cole McCoy today. You know, he's played very sparingly since he's been a Redskin. But when he's been in there, he's been really really good. And I think for one thing that everybody realizes he knows this offense inside. And now he's been with Jay Jay Gruden got here. And that you know that gives them a little bit of an edge when he passed to come in. But obviously is a big game for both teams and the pressure is mounting the season is progressing. The Redskins are in first place in the NFC east to stay there. They have to win today and the seasons in the second half. And we're approaching the games that mean the most if you want to keep playing after the season is over gold is a great leader. I think he's got his team's respect. And I think he's been waiting for this moment. It's been stressed all week. You know, he really didn't want to get this job this way after seeing a real devastating injuries of the starting quarterback. But you know, he's the guy now and they have to play a game today called McCoy starting quarterback movie. Ford, which is a different mindset knowing that Alex will not be back this year. So how does that affect those since he's an unknown? And he's he's just starting out in this game. It's so important because only one game as you said it separates the Cowboys and the Redskins for first place. How about liquid with with communicating with the other players that so important in a rhythm that's developed as you go along here. He is coming in fresh. How's that going to factor in here? Well, I mean again, I think he gets a chance to practice with these guys. He didn't know he has not had a chance to practice much. First team. Alex step was the first team quarterback. But he's been there long enough to those guys. He's have plenty of chances to practice with these guys. He's played against the Cowboys about three years ago. Had a great game one the game down there. But we have played much. I think when he came in last week last Sunday after hours fat hurt he showed that he has commanded the offense. He showed he knows where go football. This the guy when he came out of college was very very highly touted sort of the greatest quarterbacks ever to come out of the state of Texas. And he likes to come home and there'd be Cowboys. He knows how much it's ready for this game any super cool. This guy's cool was a cucumber. So I think you'll see a very good performance out of McCoy. But that that will he here loan will not be enough speech. Well, it's going to be an interesting game. I have faith in the Redskins to win. It. Coverage starts on WMA L at three thirty where you can hear the dulcet tones of Larry Michael to keep you company on your thanksgiving. Larry a great day. All right. Thanks, larry. It's it's eight fifty WMA L. Dr Wilson on therapy from green brook TMS narrow health centers depression is one of the few kinds.

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Redskins, Colt Mccoy, Cowboys discussed on Mornings on the Mall with Brian Wilson

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