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Got said, no. Apes have what God said you can do what you wanted. But. Bob Dylan in honor of his seventy eighth birthday today. Yes. Both day this is like my favorite song that bought doing ever did because it's me and it's funny sort, Donna. Bob. Bob doing is I love. Dylan is the story you told us off believe off the air about Bob Dylan. And a friend of yours on limits or no we're not talking about that. Shoe stores. A great sword. Yeah. A friend of mine said you wanna take a picture and Bob. Don't also Nobel prize winner couldn't be bothered to go. Pick up. Maybe my favorite story of all time. Bob dylan. Right. He's like guess. He's got toilet paper holders. Bob Dylan of by the way that the truck off the highway, sixty one revisited album, I didn't realize that highway sixty one runs from Duluth Minnesota, where he knows it. Yeah. Those, the hallway it goes all the way down to highway foot in Mississippi and not the famous crossroads where they say Robert Johnson in as legend has it solar. So the devil, yes. To become a great blues, that's all incorporated and still playing. And by the way, apparently, plus shoe place, golf. Dillard's three Nelson. He's not. Sallis couldn't tour three. Yeah. But no, he's not. Kenny G is. What we wanna point was like a scratch, jeez better than Alison. I think Kevin's correct. And really was two or three. Yeah. I think within skill better than all of them. Kathleen skill scratch player big hitter. Good player big hitter. The Lamma not as Kevin. I don't think Dylan can hit as far as Kevin's sets off the did you wanna talk about your kid, so? So last night, I went with my son three handicap for Alice Cooper bye. Okay. But it may be now but I think when he was younger, he was even back on that last night, we went Tony to see American football, the band at. They have contributed to this at the black cat, and I- Corbin is a massive fan of American football. You know, a little bit about them 'cause you played them this show, and they are a huge, huge cultish, sort of following in this area. We know everywhere. Oh, yeah. This is a band out of Chicago in the late nineties, and they broke up there, originally LP basically became a huge hit and Mike Concetta is the lead singer. Well during the show at one point, he says, what do you wanna talk about people? You wanna talk about sports, you wouldn't talk about politics. Two people yell out, let cheeser and I'm sitting there going. Why would this be connected to Tony's show? So I went up to one of the guys and I said, I'm just curious. Why did you yell out let Sheree and he said a big fan of the Tony Kornheiser show podcast. I don't know if you're familiar with it, and I said, no, I am. I am familiar with it. But why did you yell it out in this setting for this band? And he said the lead singer. Mike can sell it is a huge fan of Tony's podcast. Right. So as I was talking the guy goes, hold on. Wait a minute are, are you kit? So I'm Kip. But after the show corbin's stood around he grabbed the setting plays in a band band publicize your work club. It's my son and great drummer Brett who's part of the right now. Influx two to three piece. Right. They they're looking for new basis, I think, but he sat around Martinez. I wanted to go. I wanted to get home to watch the fourth quarter, the game whichever's recording. And that's why I had an opinion on it earlier, I watched it. But anyway, Corbin grab the set list in this guy, Mike, walks out the lead singer, and he introduces himself my son does. And he said, dad come over here, and I said, hey, nice to meet you, Mike..

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