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Assent continues janusz winston continues to mature and they put weapons around him like the sean jackson number 14 arizona cardinals bounceback year protein the fell off the table two year ago they can run the football and they can defend that takes the pressure off aging quarterback carson palmer carolina panthers cam newton i have a bounceback year along with the explosive addition of christian mccaffrey the eighth overall pick in the draft riverboat round will steaming up defense this is what am i to bounce back teams this year along with arizona being the others i just mentioned but a lot depends on cam newton self so far they've held him outta drills at camp carolina however i've got a number fifteen number sixteen the minnesota vikings they have the same bradford in the fold for a full season they are better at running back the defense is still what are the best of the nfl but the offensive line was the unraveling of this team year ago and it could be again i they they made some changes on this line they basically added backup personnel and make made them starters and i i just don't think that line is going to work but again as i mentioned there much more table will my opinion of running the football and that'll be of the key cincinnati bengals at number seventeen don't no they're rebuilding or reloading they could go higher or lower will see cincinnati the first month of the regular season number eighteen los angeles charges hey they're playing at a soccer stadium should sell out that but if they stay healthy and learn how to finish games they lost four fourthquarter leads in six of their eleven losses last year the chargers are are one of my teams to surprise this season numberninteen baltimore ravens actually their defense is pretty good again but joe flack owes their quarterback number twenty two orleans saints they work hard to upgrade that defense because they had to number twenty one miami dolphins they'd be much much higher rate matter of fact two weeks ago they're probably a top fifteen maybe even a tintin ryan tanna held a quarterback out with a noncontact knee injury those are the worst time and any team that loses its starting quarterback and training camp is headed for disaster see the two thousand sixteen bycase by the way anyone who thinks jay cutler will save their season wasn't paying.

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