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One day next month to educate its employees about racial bias thing we care so much about this we're going to close down lose profits invest money consumer psychologists kit yarrow golden gate university professor emeritus says marketing people will one day look back on starbucks hanley of this as a case example of how to do an apology right all the way from the beginning first of all we had the c e o addressing the problem not somebody beneath a forthright apology and a recognition that there's a problem within the company that needs to be fit although fixing the problem of racial bias can't really be done in an afternoon putting it together pretty quickly and it's a very difficult thing to accomplish i don't know that they're going to get the job done in a few hours of having the store closed but it's a start starbucks will get help developing its training program from the acp the nonprofit equal justice initiative and former attorney general eric holder rebecca chorale kcbs frustration with ways and the cut through traffic created by the navigation app seems to be growing among officials in los angeles we get the story from cloudy up shootout with our all new sister station knx in los angeles this issue is literally not even a daily basis an hourly basis that i'm getting calls on councilman david bruce says it's problem throughout its district he sent a letter to the city attorney saying ways refuses any responsibility for the traffic problems there app creates and urging that any and all legal options be considered for the longest time i thought this was localized in my areas but it turns out all my neighbouring council members have the same problems is apps have essentially blown off the city of los angeles and said it's not our problem that's what councilman paul krikorian had to say last week after renewing his push to get ways and other apps to address the issue councilman paul koretz in december called for better coordination with abc companies saying they sent drivers into evacuation areas during the creek and ball fires we have reached out to ways owner google for comment nothing yet claudia per shooter reporting dick's sporting goods since destroying all the guns accessories that it stopped selling earlier this year after the.

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