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And so, you know, you put all those things together, Nick off, I think. And I'm not just, I'm not a Patriots Homer. Everybody knows that. And I wouldn't just be saying this. I do think that the Patriots, if they get good quarterback play, I think that they, they could contend with the bills all season long and I think that the AFC East could be really tight. I think the bills are the favourites, they've got the best quarterback and and as we know when you look across the NFL, usually if you have the best quarterback in the division that gives you the best chance to win. So I would say they're the favorites. I don't like the word heavy. I don't know if they're significant. Favorites, heavy favorites, huge favorites. I would say their favorites. I think they can be better defensively. Milano had some injury issues last year he should help if he's out there for all Seventeen. Their offensive line has been a somewhat inconsistent. If you look at Pro Football Focus they have them in the top half. They've got him at like thirteen or fourteen as far as rankings go for that offensive line. So I do think they have some room to grow up front page. They're not Flawless and there is opportunity Greg as you point out. The biggest thing to me is Josh Allen and Brian table, will they suffer some kind of regression if you look in past years..

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