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Well, well, you know what's interesting about that before his how bad the Mets are. You know, the Mets are just so why won't they call up Tim tebow since they're so bad, he's injured. We probably I'm going to here. Yeah. So if the dodgers are tied for the wild card or wouldn't be the end of the world, they don't win the division as they get in. But you gotta play that one game playoff. I don't even know pitches at Kershaw is soon. It'll be still be Kershaw Kershaw still the guy. He's still the number one starter, but now you have Walker bueller who's right there and he's looking great and has a little bit of time rest time in between. The by the way. Okay, so I'm I'm, there's two things on the show today. I'm gonna blatantly steal from get up. I was up early this morning watching. Get up Michael. You like you like questions like this, Greg questions like this. I got one of the three, so Mark to share and by the way, BUSTER only affect baseball. BUSTER only drives at one thirty. Mark Tisch era was one of the co host. Get up this morning. They brought him in. He was in studio with Greenberg and Jalen. To share a plate from two thousand and three to twenty sixteen okay. Two, three sixteen only three players had more RBI's than him during that span during that thirteen year span, I only got one of the three pools. That's the one I got during that time Robbins thirteen. You strike one Miguel Cabrera very good. Michael. I did not get that. That is. That is a nother answer. I guess I'll give you my wrong answers that may help you. I guess a rod which is wrong. And Jim Thome, which is wrong. Right? So you've got to that holiday? Nope, Nope. Nope. Two strikes. I don't know. I'm Michael obviously better at this than I am. It's a huge name. So huge name, two thousand three to sixteen a gigantic name. Who was your? You'll beat yourselves up when you don't get this two thousand three to six, nine notes ter- was it the east or the west? Sorry, the Ayler I now AL and by the way back guessing berry. Oh, hold on one second. Sorry, it's through last copy. Right? David, Ortiz, big Papi on the outside, but I thought, man, you think of all that time you wouldn't put think Mark to share would have more RBI's than bonds or Tomi or forget those guys overtired five, six years ago I thoughtful had Guerrero might be a possibility. No, but it was just it was just those three guys, but I think in by the way, Greg, you mentioned Walker, bueller. I think Walker bueller is probably if the playoffs started today getting a start in the postseason. Here's Dave Roberts talking about Buehler who had a bad start the last time he was out there, but last night was really good. Walker was very good. So each of his last three starts, they progressively got better. The life in the zone just is curve ball was really sharp tonight. I thought he, he attacked guys and seven punch. No walkie he was. He was great tonight. And Buehler has been kind of Mike Leigh's Humphry big. He's kind of built like me or Tim Melinda Colm. He's kind of a slight guy, but boy throws one hundred miles an hour and Craig wasn't there a time when they were absolutely was a highs..

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