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He is just racking up the stats. It is prodigious what he's doing, and this is why everything has worked so well for Casey. Then you toss in the creativity of Andy Reid. And he's always been creative, and he's always been likable. Just even that snippet in the Lamar Hunt Trophy presentation gives you an indicator as to why guys love playing for me is a great teacher. He's innovative and this whole mix just works. And there's a reason why they got a chance to win their second straight Super Bowl. Your points right on. I mean, the Chiefs have a ton of pieces, and they're all complimentary. But it's the end of the day is surrounded in the centerpiece in the epicenter is one guy and that's Patrick Holmes. He is the engine that makes this thing go. And you could argue that Travis Kelsey, not just one of the best tight, tight end receivers in the game, one of the best white receiving players in any position in the entire NFL game, Tyree kill explosive and You know, you called it like he's like watching a video game. He just makes moves and people miss. That is remarkable. But I just go back to Patrick Mahomes and what he's able to do. And you look at that makeshift offensive line that they had tonight. And it was a bunch of mist mismatch pieces all over the place moving, you know, musical chairs and nothing fazes them, and they just get it done and Lot of credit to the entire coaching staff. You know, Eric, the enemy. The offense. Squire has done a great job with this unit under the leadership of of Andy Reid, and he go to the other side of the ball. Steve Spagnola. He is that his Brian table who's often square for the bills. He has his number because that's two games this year, and the defense is dominating and Josh Alan, and that offense, Stefan Diggs never got it going on, you know, had opportunities got in the Red zone couldn't convert the touchdowns. Big difference in this game. So Patrick Holmes is so much fun to watch and keep him healthy. This chief team is gonna be in a lot of these situations and a lot of opportunities to playing Super Bowl, Tony, we get two weeks.

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