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Fifty four degrees here in spring garden and we have a cloudy sky going down to forty from the kyw twenty four hour traffic center an earlier accident on i ninety five south of the stadium has been cleared all lanes are open there which had traffic and transit bore your team just a few minutes three wide god kyw january twenty first 1915 ah to lomo closeness big filmmaker cecil b demille on the day you see my face again surely died of heart failure in hollywood trimmer this is where he looked at seventy seven set your free tuesday to 1973 again leslie nielsen guest starring on an episode of anything is the law january twenty ninety eighty four such atop the singles chart with the lonely hearts and in 1995 allow four orascom forrest gump one three golden globe award for the wind blows it went on to win six oscar you get to make the president of the united states fine brandon brooks most beshir free and free one for him he would have any news time twelve twenty one a chester county company is pitching in to help in the aftermath of the deadly mudslide them wildfires in southern california kyw tech editor ian bush reports relief is arriving by way of the cloud wicket about two days we have is up and running a hotline so people affected by the disastrous could easily reach a mental health counselor this is dm powered by technology from the clouds strategy company evolve i p in wayne guy far dome is it ceo distributed and a cloudbased contact center so that therapist and cows counselors can be any were take calls from the matsumoto area santa barbara area several dozen trained volunteers are on the other end yuval by ps cloud data centres around the world quickly ruth the help to those who need it the kind of thing that might be overlooked even his monetary and clothing donations poor in part own says it's one example of how tech gives back to be involved where needed with nonprofits and with.

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