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Chenevey hurricane alma has regained some strength as the in those making the distance now with the state of florida herrman of now i've been upgraded to a category five hurricane month again i would mexican complaint win one hundred sixty miles per hour we are beginning to make landfall of note north in died of cuba hurricane center forecaster larry kelly the current forecast says the eye of urban approaching florida's southern tip on sunday morning but the winds will be felt much sooner than that correspondent kenneth craig officials are calling for as many as five point six million people to leave this state evacuation orders are all the way up and down the coast and so you look at the shelters and take that is an indication of how many people are heating the warnings of getting out it's a good sign that people are listening with a time to evacuate may be over governor rick scott asked that people not try to leave after midnight because they might get caught in the storm is anxious florida that's in the path of earn i'm jim krasula thousands along the coast of georgia had been forced to of accu eight ahead of a major hurricane threat for the second time in less than a year taibbi island mayor jason putera but if people choose not to leave they're not only risking their own lives there risking the lives of those who may be tasked with coming out the rescue them last fall hurricane matthew caused significant property damage and major flooding ed coastal areas of georgia and the carolinas jim krasula cbs news supply shortages have been a problem for float floridians hunkering down in their homes everything from plywood two flashlights batteries and bottled water hard to find in some areas and finding a station with gasoline is still hip myths correspondent david begg noses supplies are coming in from out of state they're coming from as far away as michigan one of the issues are having his once they get here and they bring a fuel do a gas station like this refueling them beat hurricane harvey impact on texas than the refineries there is actually affecting the.

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