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I rarely go into it. So you're lucky. Greg because you asked i wanna know well. I grew up If you when. I was young. I i had a sensitivity. Nice still kind of do. And i don't talk about it a lot but to like energy and spirits right and ghost and stuff so growing up. I saw a lot of weird stuff and the family. That i came on my fam- the family that i came from my family and my family has always been very open about paranormal topics. So i grew up without being say without my parents. No that's not real. They said okay. If you saw that you know tell me what you saw type of thing you know and so you know i grew up. I became a teenager. You know and then. I had some more weird experiences you know. One of the weirdest ones is And i don't talk about this much either I had friends who ditch school. And i didn't go. I went to class. And then all the sudden i just started freaking out and i found out i felt weird and then i find out later. that all of them had been caught by the police. So i don't know if i get some sort of sense about that but it was. It was really weird. So i chalked that up to another weird experience. And then as i became older more and you know went through high school. I started to get into conspiracies more and As i exit high school. I really started to from conspiracies. I started to delve into ufo information. And what would happen. Is i would start spending my evenings outside sky watching and several times united zeolite here and there but nothing but none of my experiences. I'm going to warn you greg. None of them are very exciting. They're just little subtle things. That happened that i've added together over the years and just said okay. That's interesting so. I guess my biggest ufo are you a p or just an anomalous exciting was. I was the backyard With my sister one night and I notice a strange light blinking. And i said hey. Take a look at this. You know we start looking at it. And i don't know what possessed me but i said. Hey light a ufo can you change colors you know do green and we look at the light and it looks like it's struggling but it does blink green okay man interesting so i said. Let me ask you this light. I'm just asking in who knows if it worked or not. Can you is red or blue easier for you. And then boom red and blue. And then so. I said well if you're you know if you're actually you if you're not a drone or anything just you know fly across the sky. Show me something. You show me something to prove that. It's not a drone in that. I'm communicating the flies right across the sky so true or false if if it was a ufo. I don't know. But i did see some strange anomalous object. That changes colors. Seem to react to me and i do have a witness. Wow wow that's so interesting. I think that the the key thing and and i do want to ask about the ufo verses uap. In hillary. hillary clinton caused us. Because i just had a guest that went into this whole thing about hillary being on Who's at jimmy. kimmel show. It'd being like no. It's it's now you. Apm energy change the narrative and all that stuff Well actually you have any do you by any credence with calling it. You f. overseas. Uap what are your thoughts. This is my personal discussed this also with other ufo researchers to because it's a it's kind of a topic that you it uso uap researchers argue about and to meet ufo's ufo's are to find flying objects That is to name the object and the unidentified aerial phenomenon ombrella everything. I feel like What they are trying to do too is because ufo's are so the word. Ufo has a lot of stigma attached to it. You you say ufo and then all of a sudden someone's like oh. Will you believe in this and that tinfoil hat. But i believe with the changing of the terminology to uap as well that does help and assist The scientific research and there is government research into these topics as well. And i think the usage of that term helps for these scientific and these government papers for. That's not for us that's more for you. Know the people in the government. The people in the military that are researching this who. That's kind of my thought process for all those you know suit wearing folks that look at this stuff. Yeah do you think the clintons What do you think the clinton connection to all this as you know. I honestly wish. I could answer that. But i don't know i really don't know so you don't think there is a and that's fine too. I mean look. You've talked to enough people that makes me think that if you aren't certain about it that maybe there is less of a klenge odeon agenda which people think is just something in general in these topics specifically with realms to the child abuse and all that stuff but but that's interesting uh so the clintons haven't come up as much in that field here not not nothing. I've haven't really like. I can't. I'm trying to go through my brain. I'm like as i've i read anything. Where their names come up in. Not not to my knowledge or not yet area. Where i'm in do you do you buy into.

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