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Sorry looks like except much younger who would play i dunno i jack is eating an ice cream so if you guys are looking super nick stumps bolted out of his seat so what's that sound it's jack having an ice cream so good though yeah we're treating ourselves so for me a lot of people joking say look like mark decosta's who is the host of iron chef america yeah i like this hawaiian dude yeah right as racially ambiguous as i am so i guess i have someone older than me much me play me in the film but i'm sure there's many youngins out there with the blazin dna that could probably complain me but i think if my future self i would be marked cosco's the person who asked this question said i should be logan lerman who is somebody who's too young for me to know who it is it seems like but sure i think i would go like david schwimmer or matt dillon but only if he reprised his character from something about mary pat healy pay jack o'brien at healy as jack o'brien this is other one so on ass the let me just pump my own ego up how did miles perfect vocal crack on the at the beginning i don't know i like microphones a lot and i'm just like your mom voice so there's really no secret to that aside from my ego yeah my house can do all the things i like voices that's one thing that i i'll slowly probably be doing more of not in my comfort zone the beginning when we first started recording which i'm sure you can hear god if we listen to those old episodes we probably sound like robots or at least it feels like we're more robotic yeah i mean i probably sound exactly the same because i've as a pro had been i'd been doing a podcast for a while but yeah i also was shooting lasers at you with my eyes the whole time yeah that was very distracting yeah literal lasers.

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