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Some things that you can do in your neighborhood coming up that and your top national stories and news breaks fast. We're fast keep you informed, even on the weekends. Stay connected with Sacramento's news, traffic and weather on NewsRadio cave updates at the top. And the bottom of the hour. Breaking news seconded happens. In immediate alerts when you follow us on Twitter. Facebook dot com. Look how much happens every day in the news now is like the world is moving at ninety miles per hour. You need a radio station that helps you keep up to speed objective. Coverage and analysis every time you listen, NewsRadio ninety three point one FM and fifty thirty AM come to Shane company to create your dream engagement ring. I'm Roydon Shane fourth-generation jeweler militia are lead designer most people don't realize this. But other jewelers in Sacramento stock the exact same ring styles. Each other. There's nothing unique about them at Shane company. My design team creates exclusive rings in every price range rings that you'll never find anywhere else. We have over a thousand styles including dazzling halo rings, symbolic Finnity rings detailed vintage rings, really anything you could possibly want. You'll have fun choosing your favorite ring style. And then you get to customize it with the center stone that really speaks to you and fits your budget. Choose from the largest selection of loose diamonds. Ru. Is and sapphires in every size, shape and color. A Shane company engagement ring is easy to love because it's unique and you created it. Now, you have a friend in the diamond business. Shane company and shaneco dot.

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