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Leave i'm tim mcguire with an ap news minute earlier today president trump reaffirmed his plans to place tariffs on steel and aluminum imports telling reporters trade wars aren't so bad we've been mistreated as a country for many years and it's just not going to happen any ilam shortly after that right mark trump's economic adviser gary cohen's resignation was made public just the latest in the string of top people leaving the trump administration and despite the turnover trump maintains is white house has tremendous energy the cdc found a thirty percent jump in emergency room treatment for opioid overdoses last summer michigan er dr michael grad since says a debt addicts who turned to powerful opioids a gambling with their lives they never know exactly what they're injecting into themselves so as his so dangerous out there and they never know if this to be the last time that they inch at the cdc says rising overdose deaths have driven down the nation's life expectancy for a second straight year hypodermic wire russian military congo plane crashed as it was attempting to land at a russian base in syria on tuesday killing all thirty two people on board the russian military says the plane crash just five hundred meters from the runway the military blamed the crash on a technical error russia a key ally of syrian president bashar assad leases the military base in syria near the mediterranean coast the bases far from the front lines of the conflict but came under shelling in december the russian military insisted the cargo plane did not come under fire while saying it would conduct a full investigation then through james dean's red nylon jacket from rebel without a caused fell short according to a florida auction house the co owner of palm beach modern options had value the iconic garment and four hundred thousand to six hundred thousand dollars before the bidding started on saturday in a statement monday the auction house that bids didn't meet the items reserve price as the confidential predetermined minimum michael scott of hold sound was prepared to accept interested bidders will now have a chance to privately negotiate an after auction sale dean died in a car crash in september nineteen 55 about a month before the film's premiere scott has documents showing the jacket was given by the films wardrobe supervisor.

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