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And then here come the jets up the Foxborough with the dolphins with another cupcake themselves. That's what I think the scale the division dolphins and jets send the pats home. No playoffs. Play any of this excitement to build or playoffs. That's that would be that would be amazing. But I've been saying like almost nothing matters for this team until the playoffs. Just because that's just who they are at this point. It's like you gotta get there now. And you gotta get there. And if Philadelphia gives you a gift with beat by beating the Texans, you gotta take advantage and get that by weeks, and they don't get their nothing mattered at all the entire time for the New England this season whole season. Just just didn't happen. I mean clean for me. No, not really what was that. Takes the snap. Mr cool. He's still got him though. As long as Mr. cool is behind Senator the patch should be okay. But I'm just saying there is a scenario however, far fetched. I mean, I recognize this glee it's the same sort of happiness. I had will watching Josh Beckett strike out the Yankees in the World Series. When he was a member of the Florida Marlins. You just you just don't realize how much you want that lead team to get toppled. It means something does sure does. But if they lost this year wouldn't be as much it would be even been team. It's time. Yeah. They're not. Let's move on. Yes. The New York Jets. They are foreign ten. They almost beat the Texans last week. But they did not because they're defense cannot close out a game. Their defense led by their defensive minded quote unquote, head coach Todd Bowles who's coaching out the string and their opponent is the Packers. Another team. Surprisingly, Mark playing out the string. There was some question would Aaron Rodgers banged up. Again, he's dealing with groin issue. Finally gets over the knee issues. Now, he's got a groin issue. And with the Packers having nothing to play for. Maybe they just sit him Aaron wants the play. So Aaron plays any thoughts about this game. Last week. I called for darn to come out and deliver. And he did exactly that we watch that era do their den with a few nights drinks. And I he made one thing about him that I think is gives you a lot of hope if you're a jets fan there. Couple throws early in that game where he's sort of making the wide receiver seem to work having to come back to the ball or dive down to catch it. But then when it gets hot his ability to throw on the run on that touchdown drive right before the half s star made to beautiful throws on the run. And then an incredible over the shoulder. Touchdown passed Andre Roberts SOGA start to see it. You start to see it. If you're jets man that maybe this can happen..

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